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I'm really sorry that your Mom is going through all of this. This year both of my parents had to have surgery and it was so much harder than I thought it would be just because I could not make them feel better sucks when you turn into the parent!

Did they run any sort of scans on your mom to rule out internal bleeding? I was admitted to the hospital last month because I had almost the same hemoglobin count as your Mom did. In my case I had a section of my intestines bypassed years ago and since I don't have it anymore I am not absorbing iron the way that a "normal" body does (your intestines is what absorbs the iron according to the doctors). Did they check her iron levels, including the Ferretin level, the iron binding capability and the iron saturation % as well as her B12 level? There are different types of anemia one of which is from being low on B12 not iron.

I do understand the religous beleif to some point; I have familiy members that beleive the same way so I've learned to accept their beleif. When I was in teh hospital with a hemoglobin of 5 I was told I had about 1/3 of the amount of blood in my body that I should and that they were surprised I had not blacked out from it...I was in an emergency room that sees possibly hundreds of patients a day and they had never seen anyone that low that had not blacked out. Besides that they looked at me and said the whites of my eyes were blue from not getting enough blood flow, my skin was extremely pale and my tounge was swelled and looked "beefy" (I think this is when it is swelled up and really red). I obviously had outward signs of my body breaking down because of the lack of blood. They gave me 3 units of blood which put me up to a 9.0 and said I was still very low and needed iron infusions by IV for awhile. Right now I am still very tired and having lots of trouble breathing etc. even at a 10.6 (its going up slowly) because I am still a little under the "normal". I can't imagine what your Mom feels like if she is at less than a 5 still.

I hope that the doctors that are treating her are able to get her levels back up soon so she can feel better. If they haven't done so soon I hope they do some CAT scans etc to see if she is bleeding or just loosing gradually like I did. I know this must be very hard on you & all of your family.

Best wishes ;)

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