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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3704013]Wow, i don't know how you cope going to work, but as you said, it's either starving or working. I admire your courage!!

Most of you guys who are experiencing constipation due to iron supplements, could it actually be a form of IBS? IBS doesn't only give you the 'runs' but it can also give constipation. The stomach pains from IBS are very debilitating. I know when i used to get IBS on a daily basis after lunch at work. I felt like i wanted to die and felt everybody would wonder why i was in the toilets so much. Then it began occuring every lunch and dinner time after meals. It went away for many years and then came back when i began taking a very powerful iron powder. It was only when i added iron phosphate tablets that it settled my stomach completely. Iron phosphate is gentle on the stomach too.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. My family doesn't get it--at all! It is nice to come here and have some compassion and understanding.

I actually was diagnosed with IBS with constipation (although as a child it was with diarrhea--until I became pregnant, that is). My dr. just changed the kind of iron I am on, but I am sure I will still be constipated. I was PRIOR to starting any iron.

I am still kinda freaked that I don't have a definite reason that I am anemic and that I have been nearly my whole life. It makes me feel uneasy. I guess it is heavy periods maybe. Oh, well. Thanks for your replies.:)

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