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What tests have you had done? I spent years being told nothing was wrong and that all my tests were fine. It wasn't until i began reading other people's posts on the healthboards and learning about what extra tests to request, what is normal and what isn't and hearing about other people's experiences that i began learning a lot and found a doctor who knew his stuff. I knew he knew his stuff as what he said was what people who had received help were saying too.

My main symptoms were irregular menstrual cycles which and there would be off and on spotting all the time and heavy cycles mixed in with the spotting and i didn't know half the time whether my period was finished or starting!!

My other main symptom was sudden abnormal hair shedding which went on for years.

The basic blood tests done over the years all came back 'normal' and 'within range'. I soon learnt that doctors love those 2 terms and all the while i wasn't normal and was soon beginning to feel more and more sick as the years went on.

I found out a bit over 2 years ago that my ferretin was down to 8 so no wonder i was tired. I found out my vitamin D and my iodine were very low. I spent 2 years lifting my ferretin from 8 to 61. It appeared that i wasn't absorbing any of these things very well, even my Vit D was taking ages to rise.

I had a blood test which showed that i was a bit over the maximum level on my gluten intolerance test. My doctor told me to go off all gluten products for 6mths. Gluten intolerance can cause malabsorption of nutrients too. Gluten intolerance is also an autoimmune issue.

At the start of this year my doctor did a further test for my thyroid and it came up that i had very high thyroid antibodies and i was diagnised with Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease.

My new doctor who is treating my thyroid did a further test which involved a stool test to check my digestion as i was having issues with bloating after eating meals. It turns out i dont have sufficient digestive enzymes to digest protein and could be connected to the reason why i had so much trouble raising my ferretin and vitamin D and even my iodine.

He also tested my adrenal function via a saliva test as i was suffering from chronic tiredness even after my ferretin reached 61. It turns out my adrenals don't produce sufficient cortisol to keep me going through the day. This test also included my other hormones eg: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone. They were all over the place courtesy of my thyroid and likely the reason for my abnormal monthly cycles and can also lead to hair shedding.

So as you can see, i went from being told there was nothing wrong with me, all was normal, to in the end finding a couple of good doctors who found lots wrong. I can happily say i'm on the road to recovery. Not quite there yet, but at least i can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you feel every avenue has been exhausted and you have full trust in your doctor then it's totally your choice of getting the ablation done. I was at the end of my rope with my periods and being told i had to stay on the pill to regulate my cycles. A long time ago one doctor suggested a hysterectomy!! All along it was to do with my thyroid. I ended up going to a naturopath who gave me some herbs to settle my cycles, but every time i tried to slowly stop taking it my cycles would mess up again. My last period was the best one and most normal and i put that down to my thyroid med's helping settle my thyroid and therefore my hormones. I will see how it goes further, but i have every confidence that it will get better. It just all needs time for the med's to take effect properly.

Don't give up, get copies of all your test results and look for help in relevant sections of the healthboards. Unless you are a vegetarian or are losing huge amounts of blood at every cycle, then low ferretin is normally a side effect of another illness. Even if your low ferretin was from blood loss due to your periods, taking a decent dose iron supplement with vitamin C should help keep your ferretin levels up. It's when you can't lift your ferretin that something is most definitely wrong. You could have the ablation and still end up with low ferretin. Personally i'd not be getting any drastic procedures done until every avenue had been looked into.

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