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[QUOTE=ChristineVA;3700638]When I was anemic, one of my biggest issues was tachycardia (rapid heart rate). I had it almost all the time, especially in the mornings.

The other problem I had, besides the fatigue, was a mental lack of motivation. It really impacted my job performance and I also didn't do a lot of things with my kids on the weekends because I just had no energy or stamina. So before I even tried to do anything, it all just seemed so overwhelming that I sat in the house a lot.[/QUOTE]

I could have written this nearly. I feel terrible guilt for being so sick for so long without knowing it. I haven't been there for my child. I have let so many things go-my home etc. I have become a hermit. I simply don't have the energy and quite frankly it has turned into major agoraphobia. I sit at my desk all day at work FULL of anxiety so bad that the muscles in my body are tense all day.

I also have abnormal heartbeats and have had to go to the hospital for dehydration in the past. I needed an IV once. (I have had heat stroke related symptoms.)

I have so many other health issues, quite frankly it is hard to say which is solely due to anemia. I have had dizziness upon standing from sitting or from laying down--or standing from stooping. I have had shortness of breath so bad that I nearly had to go to the hospital multiple times. I feel generally like someone who has been missing oxygen. I have muscle spams deep in my calves and upper back/neck.

I have been anemic for many years. I didn't know how serious it was as I was younger. I also quite frankly thought that it was much worse to take iron as the chronic constipation I deal with while NOT TAKING iron was too much to bear to think about adding another reason why I couldn't go to the bathroom. It is now so bad that I am not taking my iron again daily as I can't go even though I am on prescription stool softeners and laxatives. I have changed type of iron as well, so let's see how that goes.

A lot of us tend to also seem to have GERD (or acid reflux disease) and some of us also have a hiatal hernia (I have both) so there might be some correlation as well.

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