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Tachycardia, shortness of breath, hair loss
I never cared when I was younger, but I noticed a difference in myself this past month or so. Mainly I have the restless leg symdrome and I was afraid I had a blood clot due to using birth control pills for nearly 10 years. After much researching, I realized this is my anemia that I forgot about. After realizing what is going on my symptoms are:

~Restless leg syndrome- feels like racing or bug in my calfs.lower legs. Mostly in my right leg, but can happen in both. It occasionally wakes me up at night and leaves me unable to rest.

~Possible hair loss? Nothing major but I never noticed loose hair coming out while washing my hair, but within this last month, I would have about 10-15 hair come out during a wash.

~Extreme fatigue, mostly mid morning through the afternoon. (While I know I am not pregnant, became so tired I was paranoid I was pregnant so I took a test anyways. The fatigue is so bad like when I first became pregnant with my daughter.) I am not pregnant at all.

~Possible brain fog? I have felt this way most of my life, so I am thinking it may be because of my dental fillings and vaccines from childhood and being in the military.

~Very noticeable lack of concentration. I read quite a bit and I love to research and learn about natural and alternative health. I cannot force myself to get through one article lately.

~Feeling weak and light headed, may be caused from my low blood sugar.

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