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Hi all! I am visiting from the hair problems board... my hair started to fall out in fits and bursts 2 years ago. at that time my ferritin level was 60. 5 months later it was 40... at that time the hair loss was horrible! since then ( a year a half later) i managed to get my ferritin to 70 this past march and my hair loss was better (less than 50 hairs a day) but it had been so long i didn't remember what normal was. but i stopped taking my prenatal vits with iron and the doctor took me off bcp in june and at that time my ferritin was 80 =) ... but in july my hair started falling out like crazy!!! so i had to have more tests a week ago in which they checked my thyroid, etc... and i, as an aside, asked her to check my ferritin again even tho she was hesitant because it was okay... but she did... i'm not happy at all =( but here are the rest of the results:

ferritin: 43
thyroid antibodies: neg
tsh: 2.75 (0.35-5.5)
freet4: 1.0 (0.9-1.8)
wbc: 6.1 (4.6-10.8)
rbc: 4.3 (3.8-5.4)
hgb: 13.8 (11.4-16)
hct: 40 (34.2-47)
iron: 85 (40-150)
transferrin: 313 (212-360)
iron sats: 20.6 (15-50%)

i should say that i have also been VERY tired even after 9 hours of sleep every night... and i have crappy maigraines =( i just don't know what to do and i'm not sure why my ferritin keeps dropping even tho my periods aren't super heavy approx 3-4 days heavy for 1-2... i can attribute some of the hair sheds to the stopping of the bcp... do any of you have any thoughts i would SO SO SO appreciate them... thank you so much.

What does your doctor think? THat is a level of ferritin which would cause hair loss. THat is mostly what brought me to the doctor... I have an inch thick of hair in my brush every time I brush... I lose hair all over my floors and furniture. Last checked, my ferritin was a started at a 1. Heavy periods is a reason for low ferritin. I have pretty heavy periods, but only every three montsh or so. I have other hormone issues which cause irregular periods.

Aside from that, you could be bleeding somewhere else in your body. SOmetimes people with ulcers bleed internally and don't know it. If your ferritin isnt going up with iron suplementation then something is off. Many people with iron issues take supplemetns for life. Even when things are back to normal, you are more susceptible to levels falling again...

Talk to the doc about colonoscopy and/or endoscopy
Hi Little--

A few things from my experience:

A ferritin below 60 is associated with hair loss.

Yours went from 70 to 43 in a few months. My experience has been that my ferritin only drops like that so much so quickly after I have donated a pint of blood. So, I concur that you should speak to your doctor about looking for internal sources of bleeding.

How is your diet? Do you eat red meat? You might consider eating low fat, high iron meat every day for a while to see how it goes. Cow liver is especially high in iron. Other meats are high in iron but low in fat-- particularly ostrich, which is low in fat and cholesterol but high in iron--- it tastes like a lean cut of beef, and looks like that, too.

One thing that really helped me with fatigue and lethargy was to increase my intake of magnesium. I found that when I changed the ratio of calcium to magnesium intake to be closer to 1:1 my fatigue and insomnia gradually disappeared. I found a particular brand of magnesium citrate to work fastest for me. (Moderator: According to your rules, I am allowed to mention a name brand once, so here is it: Natural Calm by Peter Gillham.) I found that if I took in too much calcium and not enough magnesium, I got insomnia, stress and fatigue. Upping Mg intake worked for me, anyway.

Good luck.
Something else that someone mentioned is that being on the pill makes the body think it in the 'pregnant' stage and going off the pill makes the body think the pregnant stage is over and it's time to shed all that hair, which is what does happen to pregnant women after having a baby. I'd believe this as the amount of females complaining about hair loss once going of the pill is amazing. Some individuals might be able to get by without any side effects but we're not all the same and we will be affected by one thing in various ways.

Green-ish bananas which aren't fully ripened have more naturla magnesium than those which have frully ripened. I loved them when they are not fully ripened as they are less sweet. Also when they are fully ripened they sort of feel 'floury' in my mouth which i hate. My magnesium always comes back with excellent figures. Not sure if it's due to eating a banana a day.

If you were on the pill for 8 years and you were not taking a multi vitamin B, you could be depleted in your B vitamins as the pill will do this to you.

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