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Thanks Stacie! I am actually scheduled to go in tomorrow morning. They said it should take 4 hours so I'm a little scared. Do you remember the amount of iron you had infused each time. The nurse that I spoke to tonight said that the dosage they are scheduled to give me is quite a bit more than they normally give at 1 time (maybe 2x the amount I think).
I did talk to the doctors office though and oddly enough some of my iron levels etc. are actually lower than they were before I went to the ER and had blood transfusions to begin with. It seems that my hemoglobin levels are staying at about the same number that I had after the iron tranfusions but my iron levels are falling quite a bit. My ferritin when I went to the hospital was a 1, and then after the blood transfusions went up to a 19, in 3 weeks time it is back down to a 9 already.
I have to go back in 2 weeks and get another treatment and then have my blood checked again 6 weeks after that. In the meantime I am giong to continue to get the B12 shots as well.

Did your doctor say that you will have to get the iron infusions the rest of your life? Do they know what is causing your loss? I'm hoping after a while I will maintain enough that maybe I can get away with only needing the iron shots instead. It's a lot to go through for the rest of your life but I'll do whatever I have to do because I need to finally feel like a real person again. I'm tired of feeling like I'm 80 when I'm only 30 and have been dealing with this for several years.

Thanks for the encouragement!


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