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Low ferritin is not always the cause of palpitations. It is actually very common in women, especially those in their late 30s and into the 40s. It can be very hormonal. GERD can also cause palps. Anemia can also cause them. I'm not sure, low ferritin alone would though--I think you would have to see a decrease in your red blood cells to really tie it to that.

Anyway, my personal experience with them is that I had no palps during even my worst times of anemia and low ferritin. I did get a racing heart when I exerted myself (tachycardia) but that is different and is very common with anemia. Palps are not.

When my anemia and ferritin got better, I got palps. For some reason, after improving my iron status, my thyroid numbers went wacky and my TSH got real low. This caused my palps. Even though my TSH is better, I am still getting the occasional palp.

So things change in your body. It may not be your anemia causing it at all.

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