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I previously posted my complaints and numbers here under the following threads:

5-25-2008 New Here and Iron Deficient With Questions
7-04-2008 Progress Report

From approximately May 19 thru June 19 I took 2 to 3 PolyIron150 capsules per day. By mid-June my hgb had risen from 11.4 to 12.4 (range 12.0-15.0). The doctor said that I should stop the PolyIron and switch to a multi with iron. I took 1 PolyIron per day for another month then switched to Centrum with iron. My original Ferritin level was 5 (range 10-291)
Another doctor ordered new bloodwork and I've posted the numbers below. It's from a different lab so the ranges are not exactly the same as my previous numbers. My hgb has risen significantly, but it appears to me that not much else has changed dramatically. This doctor also says that everything looks great and I need to do nothing differently. Well I still don't feel "right"...I am easily fatigued. My resting pulse is great, but once my heart rate rises, it seems to stay high for hours. My hair is still thin and brittle. I have no known bleeding issues, discontinued my daily Aciphex in July and vastly improved my diet (and lost 10 lbs since May in the process).

Should I accept this as normal or "great" and continue to take the Centrum as two doctors have told me or should I switch back to the PolyIron capsules? I'm beginning to think maybe I'm a hypochondriac? I'd sure appreciate your opinions again, please.


Results of 8-20-2008
hgb = 12.8 (11.0-18)
hct = 38.4 (42.2 - 75.2)
mcv = 81.3 (80.0 - 99.9)
mch = 27.1 (27.0 - 31.0)
mchc 33.4 (33.0 - 37.0)
rdw = 17.8 H (7.8 - 11.0)
Ferritin = 13.4 (11.0-306.8)
Iron = 66 (28 - 170)
TIBC calc = 467 H (192 - 382)

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