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Hi everyone,

My ferritin is 10, my hemoglobin is 119.

As I mentioned in another post, I have been having MAJOR palpitations (feels like horses galloping in my chest) constantly throughout the day as well as shortness of breath. I got checked out with an ECG in March 2008 (when my ferritin was 17) and everything seemed fine.

I won't see my doctor until September 5.

I am wondering if it's still okay to be forcing myself to go to the gym? I mean, I have lived with this amount of fatigue for awhile now and still manage to force myself to exercise, but I'm kind of worried that maybe I'm over exerting my heart now and if I should just take it easy until my ferritin raises, or if going to the gym/exercising is a GOOD thing to help me?

Any thoughts?

Beauty, :)

I had chest pain when exercising, to which my doctor said: keep up the exercises BUT be cautious. How the HECK is one supposed to know how to do that (be cautious while you exercise) and when to stop? I don't happen to agree with him (the pain can be VERY scary, especially if you have a heart condition), so I have stopped doing my resistance exercises (1/2 hour at a time). Aerobic and resistance exercise are what seems to bring the pain on in my case. Now I and just walk, unfortunately not as often as I should.

If you have anemia, try to improve your iron levels. If the pain persists once your iron levels are almost normal, you'll know that your chest pain during exertion might not be anemia-related. Shortness of breath (which I also suffer from) can have many causes. I believe that anemia can cause it or at least contribute to it. Other, more knowledgable members of this board will have the answers. :)

Hi Flowergirl,

Actually I have no chest pain -- just the palpitations and shortness of breath.

If your palps and shorteness of breath are caused by anemia, then that means that, when exerting yourself, your body is not getting the oxygen it needs to function properly. It is a warning sign from your body--it is saying "HELP, you're pushing me to run, dance, jump; however, I don't have the equipment (red blood cells) to do it right."

While I agree with your doctor that you don't have any heart problems based on tests and that you won't kill yourself, I think it is wise to listen to your body and cut back on the amount of exercise that induces these symptoms. You may have to do gentle walking until your other values come up.

I did not get heart palps from the anemia (I had them from thyroid issues), but I did get shortness of breath and racing heart. I basically quit exercise until I got better. I really wasn't able to effectively exercise until my hemoglobin was above 13 and my ferritin was over 20.
Beauty of speed,

Sorry - I mistook your palps for pain. You should be glad you "only" have the palps and shortness of breath. Just kidding! Neither is very pleasant. I hope they will both improve, and you will be able to return to normal. :)

I had palps with anemia. I also had anxiety attacks with this conditions. It seems to go hand and hand. If only I had these boards a decade ago.

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