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Prior to most serious procedures, they will run a CBC. For minor procedures, they won't. For instance, I had breast surgery and age 40 and I had no pre-op eval required. When I had my thyroid removed, at age 31 (much younger), I had to have much more done prior to the surgery because that information was very important.

Even if they do a CBC, it won't indicate your iron stores. The docs really only care if you are anemic or not before operating on you. If you are not anemic, then it's not big deal. It might not be bad to mention that you were previously iron deficiency anemic (mild) and are still low on your iron stores.
With every surgical procedure, they did CBC with Dif. Unless you are anemic they will do the surgery, but let them know ahead of time about your low Ferritin level. Even with low ferritin, I had my surgeries. But I did have to go right to my hematologist for Iron Infusions. Good luck with your surgery.

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