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Hello, I am new here and hoping someone may have some insight on this. I have always been low-normal B12 (tested in the 200 range). Since the lab reference range is 200-1100 doctor's have always said the B12 was normal and no treatment was necessary. Finally the doctor agreed since it was low/normal I may benefit from treatment and I began a series of B12 injections in Jan 08. At the time my latest level was 244. I only had 5 injections and then started traveling out of state frequently to help care for my ill mother and stopped going in for the injections but kept taking B12 supplements.

On 8-2-08 my B12 level was 282. On 8-22-08 I started the injections again and had the first one since February. The doctor also gave me a prescription to have the B12 test along with a check of homostein levels and methylmalonic acid. I also have hypothyroidism and went in on the morning of 8-23-08 for those test. I had the B12 lab work done at the same time. I got the results this week and it showed that on 8-23-08 my B12 level was 1547! I was shocked since it has always been in the 200 range and was 288 on 8-2-08. My question is could the blood test so soon after the injection give a false high reading? Could it have been an error? Is there a period of time you should wait after an injection before testing again to get a true reading?

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