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[QUOTE=cynthia4;3713046]My daughter is a runner at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Her ferritin level is 7 so understandably, her running is suffering.
[B]From my experience with anemia, I would suggest that she slowwwwwwww down at the moment. Replete her iron stores (which takes some time, depending on the person) and then resume the activity that she is accustomed to. She should retest every 3 months to check stores. At the rate she is going she may soon become anemic as the stores fall to lower levels.[/B]

She is taking iron tabs 2x's a day but I'm wondering if liquid iron would be more readily absorbed.
[B]What type of iron and mgs is she currently on? Liquid iron is less potent. I would not recommend this type. And....she probably needs iron 3X daily for a while. She should consult her PCP on this. Especially if she is using iron at a faster rate through exercise.[/B]

It is rare that there is orange juice to take her iron with so what would be the next best thing.
[B]Vitamin C tabs with each dose is recommended.[/B]

Should she stop running for a while or continue as long as it's not at a competitive level.
[B]She should take it as easy as she can because she will be spinning her wheels. Taking a multivitamin and B-12 sublingual form, supplements also help with RBC's and energy levels. She should also have her B-12 tested.[/B]

How long should it take for her to start feeling better.
[B]It's different for everyone but it takes many months, depending on the casue sometimes it can be a long time. If she also has heavy periods (ANY blood loss), that too adds to the problem causing even more of a need for iron replacement.[/B]

Would this low level affect her ability to study or sleep. She is very depressed at feeling so sluggish so any help is appreciated.
[B]Everyone is individual when it comes to this. Depression and anxiety can also be a symptoms for some. The depression can also be a symptom of the low ferritin not necessarily from being sluggish. I think that fatigue is the most common symptom and RLS for a low ferritin. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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