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Nina01--Your hair problem is probably due to your low ferritin. Once that is corrected you should see regrowth. Mine started growing back at a 20 ferritin, but it still falls out at a 41 ferritin not nearly as much. I would agree that your low ferritin is from the many years of heavy blood loss and you finally just got too low because you were not on iron supplements. 5 months from surgery with a lowered ferritin is not all that long of a time, so I would agree with you. Most doctors do NOT run the Ferritin test without cause. In your case they should have done this for sure. If it is easy to correct then you can count on your periods as being the cause. If it is hard, then you need to look into other reasons. There are many.

I also had the ablation procedure and it was the best thing that I have done for myself. I however, are not as young as you and how I wish that I would have done it sooner, but I was not told about it. Even though I did complain to the GYN, I was like you with a pad and 2 tampons which is really crazy right? I had to do that in order to leave the house and I still thought it was normal for ME. At that time they tested me for anemia and found out that I had Hashimotos instead but again they did NOT check the ferritin or we would have known I'm sure. Ferritin really does need to be an annual test done by the GYN or PCP. Hope you find your answers. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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