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Im sorry you felt dismissed...However, you have a reason for have heavy periods. I would have them check you for other deficiencies as well...b12, magnesium, etc.

You dont mention your symptoms, maybe you did in a previous post I missed...?

Try a different docotr and ask about eliminating your periods alltogether via birth control pils. You can take the active pills straight through without a plecebo week. This will keep you from losing so much blood.

Hope you feel better,....

ps take the iron pills with chewable vitamin c 500 tablets.
Hi all! I was looking for answers here since my hair seems to be falling out. My dermatolgist checked my ferritin and it was 13, so she has me taking iron and vitamin C twice a day. She said this can cause hair loss. I hope it helps, cuz I think I might look wierd bald!

and yet, think of all the cute wigs I could buy...LOL

On the heavy period issue, I have to weigh in! About 5 months ago, I had a surgery that changed my life - endometrial ablasion. My periods were so heavy that I literally would be home-bound for a day or two each month. I would wear a maxi-pad and 2 super tampons and still had major problems. I am telling all my friends about this because I don't think the doctors are really promoting this enough. So many women suffer through this and don't know they can fix it! The surgery was so easy and I have not had a period since. I am 41 and have 3 kids, so we were totally done with that. But for anyone suffering from heavy periods, if you are done having kids, I highly recommend it!

Interestingly, now that I am not menstruating any more, my iron is now low, and my hair falling out. I am wondering if this is a delayed reaction to years of heavy bleeding? I called my OB this week and asked them if they had checked my iron before the surgery. She said that my hemoglobin was normal, but they did not actually test my ferritin level at the time. Has anyone else experienced this?

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