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[QUOTE=Ashleymichele23;3722055]I have learned we have to be our own advocate when it comes to our health. Doctors are good for certain things, but there are just certain things you go to them for they look at you like you are crazy and they think you are over reacting. As I stated in another posting of mine, My husband died very young 6 years ago suddenly and if the doctors would have stayed on top of his case the way they should have, he may be here today. I learned from that day on, you have to be your own advocate. Doctors are helpful, but they are only human. Some are smarter than others, some care more, but it is up to the person themself to take care of themself and to go forward if one doctor is not helping them.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely I agree. In fact, I HAVE been taking an active role in my healthcare for years. I like to use doctors more as a tool to help me achieve what I already found out through my research. I'm was just stunned at my GP's reaction, especially because we talked about other things too, and her attitude was not what it used to be.

I thought that maybe because I had the proof of a ferritin level of 10 she would take this seriously and try to find out the reason why, or just be, I don't know, more interested in the whole thing. I think because she knows I have a naturopath I've been "written off".

I guess doctors don't like when you know more than they do!


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