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rander5--I think that the reason that you feel bad is due to the low ferritin AND blood cells. Also, if you check your MCV (size of blood cells), perhaps this too remains on the low end or borderline. This would account for less oxygen being carried to the brain and heart causing your foggy head and weakness. But they don't tell you all this when your going through it. After I was non anemic the doctors just looked at me like I was crazy. Then finally I got a good doc that explained it to me. It takes time even after the anemia is resolved to make new blood cells which live up to 120 days. It depends on your body and how long your were anemic and so on. I think that a low ferritin mainly causes fatigue, hair loss and RLS for some.

It is also possible to drop a little when you are having a period. My sister found out that she did this everytime she had a period. She would become anemic and they wouldn't let her donate blood, this is how she found out.

The ferritin as you know takes longer to replete stores and is probably the reason that your hair is falling out. When I got up to a 20 ferritin it slowed way down. My Hematologist however, said that it was not from a low ferritin. I'm not sure what to think about that, maybe due to thyroid.

You first have to get the Hgb to normal levels which you have done and then the ferritin will begin to store. I still felt bad at a 13 Hgb but when I got to 14.4 I felt much better. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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