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Trixibel--It takes a long time for some people. Like many of the symptoms associated with anemia you have it so long it becomes a part of you. One day you wake up and it's gone, you don't really realize it at the time.

I had palpitations after eating all the time and it wasn't even due to a large meal. It finally went away, but for me it was a while after the anemia was resolved because my bloods cells had to renew. I really don't think that you have an actual heart condition. If it doesn't resolve on its own then you will know.

Heart related palpitations--if you have an irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia or valve problems.

NON-heart related palpitations--meds, caffeine, alcohol, panic disorder, hormones-thyroid, ANEMIA.

Well, after a month of taking supplements (two a day), my palpitations have stopped. However, they come in cycles, so don't know if this is a permanent thing or not. But, as of right now (after a month to 5 weeks of treatment), they have ceased.
Hi, I've just joined as I was recently diagnosed with anemia. I feel palpitations especially after work when I get home and it is really worrying me. I'm having to take three tablets a day for a month but I think I'll need to speak to the doc at length about the whole thing. I hope this time he/she listens to me because I was laughed at the last time I went. How long do you reckon I have to be on them for?

Finoni :D

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