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Re: Low B12?
Sep 16, 2008
Kimy27--B-12 deficiency can be due to AI--Autoimmune reasons, one of which is PA-Pernicious Anemia, which you have already ruled out by the IF test. I have read that IF testing is only 50 percent specific but much more specific in testing for Parietal Cell. Some doctors don't care to run many tests to find out why because a B-12 deficiency is treated the SAME way through IM injections of B-12.

Deficiency can be due to several reason and in your case would need to be tested for as well to find a reason for the deficiency in the first place. Diet low in B-12, AI gastritis, gastric bypass, malabsorption syndromes--taking meds like PPI'S -Nexium- again PA, Crohn's disease, Celiac Sprue, H-Pylori and infection.

Reasons are divided into 3 cats; 1. Nutritional deficiency 2. Malabsorption syndromes 3. Other gastrointestinal causes.

Most patients with a B-12 under 200 are put on IM jabs. Rarely have I heard of doctors prescribing tabs for this. The thing is you need to have LOADED doses of B-12 therapy or neuro damage can occur if left untreated over a long period of time. If your doc will not prescribe this you might want to try another. You can begin sublingual doses of B-12 VIA OTC until you find a doctor that will treat you. You will need to research how much because there is a specific amount of METHYL--cobalamin sublingual-liquid drops that is equal to the shots. Hope this helps. FLFLOWERGIRL

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