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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3733831]cutejenny77--What does your doctor that ran your labs say about your numbers and supplementing? The only things that I can speak to are the values that are associated with anemia.

[B]---They said they are normal[/B]...:o

Your B-12 is on the LOW end, I wouldn't call it deficient until you go below that mark. However, If it were me, I would be supplementing with sublingual drops of B-12 Methyl form of cobalamin, it is the best absorbed under the tongue. Your goal would be to reach the top of the range for B-12. I would then have this retested to be sure that you are responding accordingly. Also, include a diet rich in B-12. Your MCV/MCH values from 1 month ago also reflect your B deficiency.

[B]---What brand of B12 are you taking? if I may ask, I know Wonder laboratories, Source Naturals, which one is better? and What dose is appopriate for fix that problem? 1000mcg of sublingual Methyl form of B12 per day is sufficient or 5000mcg of it is good?[/B]

Your folate appears to be normal. My value comes back as >20 and that's all the info that is given. So, Im not quite sure how to read yours.

[B]----someone suggest me to have Hcy and others tested to find out the reason of high folate level and rule out the genetic defect "MTHFR"[/B]:confused:

Your Ferritin is also on the low end of normal. Many doctors would say that you are fine because you are in range. IMO, the ferritin should be at least 50 (just to feel normal) without exhaustion, and for hair regrowth 70 and up. My Ferritin is at 41 last time checked and I take 150 mgs of elemental iron as Poly Iron 150 daily and I am no longer anemic. I would also suggest testing your other iron values to see where they are at as far as Saturation %, TIBC and Serum Iron. You also didn't post your H & H and RBC counts that define anemia. Just wondering if you are on the low end of normal there as well. You also should include an iron rich diet and a good multivitamin to rebuild blood cells.

[B]---I am taking the iron supplement by GNC, what do you think of the dose and brand, I heard that the brand Advanced Ferrochel by Source Natural is better, is it true? What do you think the role of Vitamin C for aiding iron? Should we take the vitamin C at the same time when taking iron? What dose of VC is sufficient?

My RBC count one month ago is 4.05 (3.50-5.50), packed-cell volume PCV is 37.70(35.00-50.00), Hgb is 127( 110-150). Do they look good?[/B]

I also have Hashi's which seems to be very common among people with a low ferritin. This may be at least one reason for your low normal ferritin.

Do you have heavy periods or a reason for your low values that your doctor has found? This is the first thing that you need to try and find out WHY this is happening, not an easy task. Have you been checked for PA and Celiac, both of which can cause lowered ferritin/anemia and B-12 deficiency. Hope this helps. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

[B]---This thorough blood work is requested by myself. I haven't checked them, but what do you mean by "PA"? [/B][/QUOTE]

[B]Thank you very much, Florida Flower Girl[/B]:angel:

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