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Hi Ashleymichele23! First of all...what was your B12 level on the test? B12 pills are okay to supplement with,but if your B12 deficiency is in the tissues then the B12 injections would be prefered.

Even a slight borderline low B12 deficiency can cause a lot of damage to the nervous system...which can be correctedwith B12 injections.Did your dr. do a homocysteine test,folic acid test,methylmalonic acid test and lactate dehydrogenase also intrinsic factor blocking AB tests along with the direct B12 level tests?I know that sounds like a mouthful,but they are necessary at getting a full picture of what kind of B12 deficiency you have.

The B12 tablets are okay,but I'm just concerned that you might benefit more from the injections.

If you're low in folic acid also that is important to know.You can be low in B12,but at the same time your folic acid level might be normal.That's why All those tests are important.

If you don't know if your dr. did a thorough look at your B12 picture than I'd definitely call and find out!

Hope this helps...and I didn't mean to confuse you by all this...I just know that drs. seem to brush-off B12 deficiencies and Not treat them correctly.Is your dr. a hematologist or just a GP?

I have a B12 deficiency any questions you have I'd be more than happy to answer them!

May I ask you what symptoms you have?That's a key to if you have any neurological damage(most of that can be corrected,but it takes a while).


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