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[QUOTE=moommin;3756652]rainbow, sorry i put mg ,and itis 50mcg i think i will stop taking them again until i see the neuro,why do you think b12 has dropped i eat a good diet,i do like my glass of wine on my days off from work , i read alchahol can lower b12 my liver tests are fine ,any way will let you know what happens when i see the neurologist,thank you shirley:)[/QUOTE]

Dear Shirley
Well I dont think a glass of wine on your day off would cause B12 deficiency I think this only applies to one who drinks a lot everyday consistently.. In fact if one has had a few drinks before having there B12 tested it can actually cause the levels to appear higher I dont know how this works ..
50mcg is a mere drop in the ocean really I know with any form of neurological damage inc mental symptoms you need to have large doses and then keep the system flooded with it if we look at this in terms of lab tests that means having your levels held at around 1300-2000.......So you can see why those larger amounts are important as is the cofactors of B12.....
There can be several reasons for a deficiency & it would be wise to have some tests to find out why.....But here are a few of the causes...
Pernacious Anemia
Chronic Gastritis
Gastric Bypass
Malabsorption Syndromes - such as Crohns, IBS, Celiac,..
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Congenitial inborn metabolic errors
Veganisim, vegatarianism
Nitrious oxide from surgeries even dental
pancreatic exocrine insuffiency

Some drugs will cause for example

PPI"s & H2 bockers taken for reflux, gerd ect
Metformin for diabetes
Some antibiotics (but not certain)

Hope this gives some help for you.......I am sure your neuro can help some more although some research before you go on your part will help as well..

Rainbows End

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