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Hello talking with you about our B12 issues!

Hey I know the feeling...when I used to get my injections from the hematologist I always felt better...the first one was surreal..I felt like I was on a tranquilizer...all the anxiety just seemed to flow out of me...and I felt like that for 3 whole days.I wonder if I was getting methylcobalamin then?I'll have to find out on that one!

Yes I researched the pros and cons of methylcobalamin verses cyanocobalamin....of course my dear you were Absolutely right!I knew you would be....oh my gosh I hope my dr. will change me to methyl.I read cyanocobalamin hasto be converted to methylcobalamin and it actually has a bit of cyanide in it....Oh No Yuck!!!!That makes me want to vomit!!!!

Also they said that methylcobalamin goes directly to the tissues and repairs the damage better.

I'm so fortunate you shared your knowledge about this with me...otherwise I probably never would have known there was such a huge difference in types of B12 they use.:)

I just looked at my lbs from a few weeks ago...they are pretty good,but my dr. didn't check too many things.

My B12 was up to 420(normal 200-1100 here),my folate was 16.4(normal here is above 5.4)so that was folate serum has always been normal so no folic acid deficiency there.Does your dr. check your MMA often...this dr. has Never checked my MMA:confused:

My methylmalonic acid(I suppose that is MMA isn't it?)has always been extremely high...that's what all my other drs. found out on my labs before.So I am curious to know how it is now:)

My other counts were:
white cells 7.0(3.8-10.8)
red cells 4.76(3.80-5.10)
hemoglobin 14.6(11.7-15.5)
hematocrit 42.5(35.0-45.0)
MCV 89.2(80.0-100.0)
RDW 13.0(11.0-15.0)
Platelets 161(140-400)

So my dr. said it looks good...but I don't feel that good...hahaha!:(

So those are my current lab numbers.Any comments from you I surely love to hear!My dr. thinks my B12 is so good now...but he still gave me a shot,because he knows it drops soon afterwards.;)

Last time he checked my ferritin it was 11(the range was 10-90(I thinkthe high # was 90...not sure,but I know the low # was 10!)....but he never told me I needed iron........a year later a different dr. checked it and it was up to I have no idea what it is now,but my dr. says my iron should be okay,because my hemoglobin is okay.I just wonder,because I still get a lot of weakness in my hands and feet.:confused:

Labwork is so exciting though,now isn't it?Ha Ha Ha!I guess that's what we look forward to when we are being treated with B12 funny!:)

Is it better now that my white cells are up so much,because they are usually around 3 -4?Just wondering about that one.

I am so tired lately...I slept 10 hours last night(a lot for me!).Maybe I'll have some energy tomorrow...I hope so,because I desperately want to go shopping!I must note that I have a passion for the Teletubbies(my little grandson Benny is 7 and my husband and I raised him for over 5 years(his mom has emotional problems and my son had to work so we helped out watching the liitle guy..Benny has mild cerebral palsy...he talks better than kids his own age,but he uses a little reversable walker,but he can walk slowly with a walking cane now)...anyways Benny has loved the tubbies since he was a little baby and I fell in love with them too...hahaha!I found a lady who sells brand new teletubby stuff online and so I managed to buy quite a few tubby items from her....I'm so funny,aren't I?

So anyways I'm soooo happy your shot works so well for you...that put a Huge Smile on my face to hear that!!!!

Take soon~Scout

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