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[QUOTE=Bluze;3759443]Hi: I'm a 58 y.o. male with many neurological symptoms, blood test showed 234, doc gave me weekly 1,000 mcg injections for 4 weeks ending Oct. 3, and am taking 5000 Methyl subs now. Many symptoms improved, vision and mental fog within a couple days of first shot, however the fog returns now and then (but not as bad as before) and foot numbness is still there but has not gotten any worse.

Here's what I am confused about: I have read elsewhere that once therapy has started the blood test is worthless because it will show normal or high.

But on this board I read about people who get a series of shots, then their doctor tests them again and the number goes from 225 to 300 for example, and supposedly these on-going serum tests are used to monitor how well you are absorbing the B12. Yet other people claim this test is useless in these circumstances, aside from the fact that serum level and tissue level can be quite different.

What is the truth?[/QUOTE]

hi Bluze
Good to hear you are feeling better with the injections and great to hear you are taking methylcobalamin subs are you still having injections too?
methyl is the best for neuro damage I have this in injections in huge doses and my numbness is gone noe I have a little tingling thats great cause I am healing...
You ask a fair enough question and i will do my best to explainn it as i know it
The docs usually will take another serum reading after the patient has been offthe B12 for say amonth b12 doesnt stay very long in the system so they usually will give a few injections hoping that it will biuld up & then test agian..if it is still low they may give injections more regularly or if its higher they may pull back a bit.......
You are right the blood readings are always not reflective of what in the cells that is why the uMMA & Hcy tests are more conclusive........

I personally think you are better off going by how you feel when you are having thereapy for example the injections or subs or pills may reflective a higher serum level but you can still be having neuro signs to help with alot of these symptoms you really need to saturate the system and the levels should be around 2000 and maintained there for healing to take place this has been my experience and the same for many others I know it is also important to have B12s cofactors as well..............

I have 3 injections a week at 10,000mcg and my levels would be through the roof luckily my doc doesnt work like that is going by my lessening of symptoms it has worked really well I had severe symptoms for 5 years.........

Oh I have rambled on again I do this when it comes toB12 it is my passion to make an awareness about it
I hope i have helped answer your question

Good luck with your healing:)

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