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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3741685]I too had ferretin issues and difficulty raising it and then i found out i had Hashimoto's. I was also found to have digestion issues when it came to all protein foods as my pancreas wasn't producing enough enzymes. Now i've been on enzymes for a few months and my ferretin is moving up quite quickly. I still can't go off my iron supplements yet and it's a wait and see game for now.

The trick is finding out what is lowering your ferretin and therefore stopping it from rising to a desirable level.

Have you had your Vitamin D checked out as a lot of us with thyroid and ferretin issues also have low vit D levels and a fair few have a gluten intolerance with/out symptoms.[/QUOTE]Here are some more results.. i have not had my Vit D tested.. i will have to do so, my problem right now, is to find a doctor all over again , as i have had 2 tell me that I am normal and that they will not test anything further... as well as my naturopath that told me that if the specialist says Im normal, i must be normal! Well i wouldnt consider all the symptoms I have to be normal! This isnt how ppl live!
Vitamin B12 246 (198-615)
RBS FOLATE 1120 >OR= 634

Glucose-random 4.8 (3.6-6.9)
HbAlC 0.050 (0.040-0.060)

Creatinine 73 (50-110)
eGFR 96 > or=90 ml/min/1.73m2

Sodium 140 (135-147)
Potassium 4.5 (3.5-5.2)
Total Bilirubin 4 (UP TO 22)
Alanine Transaminase (ALT) 18 (5-42)
Alkaline phosphatase 63 (40-120)
Creatine Phosphokinase (CK) 67 (20-130)

dont know if this helps... but thank you!

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