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3elles--That's really great that you are seeing your doc on Monday.

Your B-12, mild anemia, and lowered ferritin combined ARE enough to cause you to feel very bad.

Being subclinical can also cause problems for some people so this should be thoroughly evaluated by your doctor. My friend was subclinical with symptoms just like mine. I told her to see an Endo because the PCP said that she was fine for years! She went to the Endo and had a goiter that was missed and shortly thereafter she was prescribed Synthroid. So, you just never know until further testing is complete. I would at least ask for the antibodies test for Hashi's as well. It is also my thinking that you would have to have a high or elevated TSH to have symptoms that would make you feel ill. I am having problems right now like FM or something along those lines, and I am going to see what the Endo has to say about it since my TSH is around 3.0 and considered in range. I really don't think that it is the culprit here.

I truly think that if you bring up your levels (this will take time) in both iron and B-12 that a lot of your symptoms will disappear. Then, if they don't resolve you will then know definitively that your problems are related to some other unknown cause. No matter what testing that your PCP does sometimes you just have to wait and see as things resolve. Be prepared to wait, I sure have!

I just want to say that anemia in and of itself can also cause your Sed rate to be high. You should ask your doctor to run a follow up test called C-reative protein which is more specific. My sed rate was high but my CRP test was fine and normal :)

Try not to be so stressed. Be sure that you are taking a good multivitamin, then when you can; supplement with a sublingual B complex for more energy and rebuilding RBC's. Keep us posted on your results. Good luck at your appointment on Monday. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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