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Re: Flowergirl
Oct 4, 2008
Shirley--Honestly, I would be terrified too, (forgive me for saying that!), but things will be fine. I hate having anything done, but you have to STOP thinking this way now. Last year when I was having all the testing and things done it actually helped me to get through it because I was getting a little conditioned by it all. Think positive and know that it may be the solution to a great deal of your issues.

I also felt the same way when I had my procedure, like I was too weak. I think that my Hgb was 10.8 back then. If I remember correctly, your Hgb is much higher, right? I know your Ferritin is okay, it's good that you have this to fall back on when having surgery, I didn't. I would, however, find out how much blood loss there is associated with this type of surgery and be sure that your blood levels are up so that you have as little side effects as possible. You really want to take this time to build your iron/iron stores and strong blood cells to make you feel better all over. What iron dosage and type are/were you taking? Maybe your not taking enough?

You may indeed have a nerve problem. It's good that your doctor is checking this out, that's what they should do. Then, if nothing is found you will be leaning more towards B-12 being the problem. You are definitely in the range for B-12 to cause issues, even if your doc does not agree, they hardly ever do anyway. I think this is because they are not so educated on it, just as they are not on the symptoms of a low/ low end ferritin. I think that seeing the Neuro will help you to rule out/in the nerves being a problem which will provide you with more information as to a possible cause. Many times they are more educated on B-12 and will prescribe supplements or injections. I would ask for B-12 as a trial just to see if you get better, it's worth a shot, lol. It can't hurt you to take B-12, you can't get too much. Maybe the Neuro would agree to this. I think that the type of B-12 that you were on is not the recommended form of B-12, perhaps this is why it didn't help you so much. And, it does take a long time to build. Know that it takes 3-5 years for this to deplete from the body so it also in turn takes time to build or replete the stores.

I have had Neuro symptoms since my anemia began, but it is not related to B-12 and I have had a brain neck MRI everything looks very good there, no nerves being impinged. Maybe inflammation of the muscles or something but my face hand and foot would go numb and tingly. They have no idea why? Sometimes you don't get answers. It comes and goes and is more of an aggravation than anything else. Perhaps mine is cause by my Hashi's/Hypo-T? I will be finding this out soon in the next couple of weeks.

Do you have to wait a long time to see the Neuro? In the interim start taking your iron supplements again, even if you think that they are not helping, they are. Think positive thoughts and do keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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