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I'm really confused, I've been bounced between so many different doctors I don't know what to think or believe, all I know is that I need to know how bad this really is because I have a big decision to make regarding my work.

I've always run a little low hemoglobin wise due to heavy periods and not eating red meat, but never really bad. I started feeling really sick last Monday, made it through work (I work on my feet) and took myself right to the hospital.

They tested me there and my ferritin was at 0 and my hemoglobin was only 77 (I'm Canadian if that makes a difference, I just know low normal for a female my age is 115 at the lowest) and there was one other marker (hgl maybe) which was less than five.

My BP was low, and my heart rate and BP were jumping upon standing. They were going to do a blood transfusion but I was really out of it and couldn't get in touch with any family and didn't feel comfortable consenting, and now they are waiting because I was bleeding but the bleeding stopped so it has started to climb a little on it's own. The only problem is, I'm due to start bleeding again any day (I'm having irregular very heavy periods) and I know it will just go down really fast once that happens.

I missed a few days of work and have literally just been sleeping and trying to eat iron rich foods and keep pushing fluids, but my doctors advised I be off for at least the next week as well. I love my job and I don't want to screw it up, and I'm so scared that if I take a week off it will cause problems. I told the doctors this and they said it would be dangerous for me to be working the way everything is that accurate? Or even possible?

I could really use some suggestions as to whether they are just erring on the side of caution or whether I really should be staying off my feet as much as possible until this gets figured out.


Just wanted to add, I've been looking at some other numbers and it would seem that I am actually really low, can certain people be lower than others and still function? My doctor seems to think I can drop 20 more points without even risking death, and that worries me based on how I feel. Also, for those of you with heart palpitations, anyone know what their heart rate is normally at? I remember the days when my heart rate used to be 70, now it's consistently above 100.

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