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[QUOTE=cutejenny77;3759280]Thanks, Rainbow,

Just came back from a "so-called" doctor specialized in blood disorder, who said that my RBC, RTHB,HCT is normal and I am not anemic, and there are no tests I mentioned in the lab of hospital.:mad::(

I have some other questions, do you think for anemia, three factors are essential? : folate (red cell folate and serum folate), V B 12 (Serum B12, Active V B 12, HCY, MMA), Iron (Serum Iron, TIBC). For lab pannel, they often take them as a whole set.

For VB 12 defficiency, taking folate only for supplement is dangerous for neuro damage, right?

For my case, because I am Hashimoto's hypoT, there is 14% of chances to get Pernacious Anemia. and for the "wierd" blood report I got, I think I could have two kinds of mild anemia combination, iron defficient, and Vit B 12.

I always have a diet full of meat/seafish, so I think that is why my serum folate is so high. I am now taking Daily Value of iron supplement and Complex B, will take Methy-B12 soon. Because there are no specific tests in my region. So I would have a bet to take them to see if things could be improved.

Hi cutejenny77
I will do my best to answer your questions....

It is great you eat lots of meat/seafish sa they contains large amounts of B12 esp sardines B12 is only available in animal products.......
But your not going to get folate you get this from your greens like broccoli,beans peas sprout legumes, liver (which I wouldnt eat these days)
rice ,barley, wheatgerm to name a few...

Yes you can have two different types of anemia at once..........With folate anemia which seems unlikely and B12 anemia the red cells are enlarged & a differnt shape whe they do a periphal smear of the blood this will show up..
You do not get neuro symptoms with folate deficiency anemia.....
You are right you should never take large amount of folate without having your B12 levels checked as it can mask a B12 deficiency as it corrects the blood but the damage will continue..........

For anemai you do not need to have those 3 factors you can have iron deficiency anemia,folate deficiency anemia & B12 deficiency anemia the last 2 being PA or megablastic anemia all independent of each other if you know what I mean or you can have all 3 at the same time you can be folate & B12 deficient at the same time I was but I never had anemia....It gets complicated doesnt it LOL
In B12 anemia you will have low red cells,high MCV, low white cells

You may not be iron anemia but you have something going on and would suspect it has something to do with B12 as yours is low your MCV is a little high to did they not look at that as are RBC and WBC? And you ferritin is on the lowish side so was mine......

Well you should find another doctor injections would be great are you going to take methyl subs at 5000mcg.....

Jenny do you have any other symptoms you may have mentioned but Iam off the page sorry.......

Really try another doc I cant diagnose obviously and really tell you what you should do taking the supplements will skew the tests for sure but you may not get any better info anyway but it is up to you if you choose to try the supplements and see if you get better.....I beleive Jarrows Methycobalamin 5000mcg are one of the best brands over your way

Let me know if I can help further you take very good care of yourself


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