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[QUOTE=Rainbows End;3757336]HI There
My recommendation for you would be to have some other tests they are;
Homocysteine (these 2 will be elevated with a B12 defeiciency)

It may also be worth having intrinsic factor antibodies,partiel cell antibodies, gstrin,ana....As your MCV is high this will look for Pernacious Anemia Megablastic anemia this will not enable any B12 to be absorbed....

I do beleive that as you have Hasimotos a lot of people with this also have Pernacious anemia you can have lots of autoimmunne things at the same time

You can get injections of B12 which are important...
Yes the sublinguals are great make sure you put hem under your top lip and allow to dissolve slowly over around 40mins the slower the better.

I had a B12 deficiency I say had cause I am having therapy and most of my symptoms have gone I have had very aggressive therapy though thankfully I have agreat doc...........I went undiagnosed for around 5 years but I am sure I had it longer.....Here are just some of my symptoms....
Dizziness,Foggy head,drugged feeling,severe anxiety, intolerance to cold, depressed,numbness, tingling,confusion,eye problems, cognitive problems, positive for rombergs, fatigue,short breathe,palpitations,electrical like pains in the flanks,lhermittes, couldnt find the right words when I wanted to ,memory loss,speech difficulties:( all this began when I was 37 by the time I was 43 I couldnt talk properly and had memory loss it was scarey I have 2 children and a supportive loving husband thankfully...
anyways I have rambled enough about me......

If you have neurological damage Methylcobalamin seems to be the most effective.......

Please try to get those tests done if yo have no joy with your doc get another one or request to see a heamotologist.....
Keep us posted

Good Luck:)[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much, Rainbow!

I forgot to post the HCY result, that is

HCY 9.70 (3.00-12.00), I will have the MMA tested next time..

But why tested gstrin,:confused: ?

If I may ask, What aggressive therapy are you taking? Injections of VB 12?

Thank you again, I will go to another Hemotologist, but wondering if he/she would say "all is normal in your blood report" and know nothing to do with my anemia! I went to a hemotologist once, and he told me everything was OK and he had no clue at all about my "high folate" number!

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