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Hi, I had a baby (no 2) in Novemeber of 2006. Since she was born I have felt terrible and had all sorts of wierd symptoms. I have ringing and humming in my ears, visual disturbances (shimmery vision, patterns seem to shake), burning, scorched feeling tongue and extreme shortness of breath. For 2 years now I have been suffering and no doctor has been able to help me. I have had MRI's, CT scans, pulmonary function tests, you name it. All doctors have told me its anxiety and yes, I do feel anxious and depressed because of my symptoms (not the other way around). Anyway, I went to a new OB and she checked my ferritin and it came back a 10. She called me and wants me to start taking Repliva asap. I am wondering what all of this means. Do you think I may have found an answer here? Could low ferritin cause my symptoms and can it be corrected? Just looking for some advise and encouraging words here as I am at my wits end with all of this.

Oh, the fatigue is unrelenting and I thought it was because I am 40 and have 2 young children. I also nursed a total of 2 + years between both kids. I am sure that didn't help my iron stores.
Okay, now I know where I know your name are on the anxiety board as well. I posted the same thing you just did, and you said you could have written my post.

I had a baby in January and had a c section. Bled for 4 to 5 weeks and started to feel TERRIBLE right about the six week post partum. Went to an endocrinologist who found my ferritin was a 1. Diagnosed me as iron deficient and put me on iron three times a day for a few weeks until I had my ferritin up to a 16.

I will list my symptoms:
foggy brain (which did make me very anxious cuz I couldnt think or take care of my kids)
visual probs (blurry, and weird when i turned my head fast...took a second to adjust)
ringing in my ears that was the loudest thing I have ever heard, especially in the quiet
memory probs...(like to the poitn I thought I would forget to pick up my older son from pre school)
Sensitive to sound
sensitive to light...especially oncoming traffic at night (which caused so much anxiety)
super hyper reflexes
tesnsion in arms, neck and shoulders.

Docs continuted to tell me it was anxiety (which some of it was...but hell if anxiety causes ringingin in your ears)

I went to:
2 gps
neuro (MRI and EEG)
sleep specialist (SLEEP STUDY...showed I was sleeping less than three hours a night, and that was AFTER taking double dose of ambien just to sleep)
integrative medicind doctor (400 dollars out of pocket) Told me it was anxiety and I should get accupuncture and massage therapy...
blah blah blah

ANyway, this all started in May (after iron disgnosis) and went on all through the summer...what a horrible summer it was for my two boys)

I am 90% better physically. I havent had my ferritin or other levels checked since the ferritin was at a 16, and I think that was end of june or early july.

Scorching/burning tongue= b12 deficiency, get tested
a lot of the other symptoms=magnesium deficiency

Here's what i take that have helped me:
multivitamin (centrum for kids, I buy it for my son and take one)
B100 complex
500 vitamin c chewable on an empty stomache WITH the iron I do it first thing in the morning and then dont eat for about an hour or so
calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. it is made by NatureMade (I think) and it is Advanced calcium...
In addition to the b complex, I take 2000mg of methylcolbalamin (b12) sublingually.

Expect to spend a pretty penny at the drigstore, but this over time has helped me tremendously....I actually havent even checked these boards in a while til I saw your user name.... Was wonderign if I mentioned to you abotu the ferritin and anemia....

It can take months to feel better, but keep up with the vitamins. Oh, the integrative doc said omega fatty acids, but i dont take them because I think fish oil is disgusting...
Hi StephRabin, Yes, it is me from the anxiety board. I am hoping that my symptoms will disappear after taking my iron supplement. I know it can take a while. I wish it would happen quickly. Unfortunately, I began to believe all of the doctors who kept telling me it was anxiety and started taking Prozac 5 weeks ago. I wish I would have known 2 years ago after my daughter was born to have my ferritin checked. Why no one has done that for me until now is a complete mystery. I have decided to stay on my Prozac (10 mg/low dose) for a couple of more months while I work on getting my iron back up. I feel like I am finally starting to see some hope here. I was getting so depressed over this. I am completely exhausted. I got a b12 shot and a testosterone shot (it was very low) this past week. My b12 and folate levels were within normal range. I'll have to look again to see waht the numbers were. Anyway, I am taking a multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil, vit c, vit e, coq10, a minerals supplement (apparently I was low in other areas as well) and repliva which is a prescription strength iron supp with vit c, and folic acid. I will continue to get my b12 shots as needed and she wants me to start a progesterone cream on cycle days 10-28. I am going to have to make a chart to keep up with it all. But I am willing to do anything to get better. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. It definitely gives me hope.

Off topic question: I have a hard time seeing all of the posts when reading this board. Sometimes they are out of order too. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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