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I posted this over on the anxiety board on August 24th...I am so glad you asked for the ferritin test:

"Hi! I am the girl who posted about the post partum anxiety...First sounds like you might have some vitamin deficiencies...sore tongue is a common sign of b12 deficiency. After all of your pregnancies and two births, you lose a lot of blood and vitamins that your body has stored up.

I also have the blurry vision, etc. I have very low b12 that I am trying to get up with oral supplementation. I also have low iron (you have to request that your ferritin level be checkd) this is a better way to check for iron deficiency.

Start with this...oh tinnitus is also a sign of b12 deficiency. Even if you are in the low normal range you can have these symptoms. FOr me (in addition to the b12 deficiency) I think a lot of the tinnitus is caused by neck tension due to anxiety.

I have an apt with a psychiatrist nextr week tot alk talk about all of this. I have been tested for a lot of stuff (mri, eeg, sleep study) and every blood test under the sun. Only thing they found was low iron and low normal b12..."
Hi StephRabin, Yes, it is me from the anxiety board. I am hoping that my symptoms will disappear after taking my iron supplement. I know it can take a while. I wish it would happen quickly. Unfortunately, I began to believe all of the doctors who kept telling me it was anxiety and started taking Prozac 5 weeks ago. I wish I would have known 2 years ago after my daughter was born to have my ferritin checked. Why no one has done that for me until now is a complete mystery. I have decided to stay on my Prozac (10 mg/low dose) for a couple of more months while I work on getting my iron back up. I feel like I am finally starting to see some hope here. I was getting so depressed over this. I am completely exhausted. I got a b12 shot and a testosterone shot (it was very low) this past week. My b12 and folate levels were within normal range. I'll have to look again to see waht the numbers were. Anyway, I am taking a multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil, vit c, vit e, coq10, a minerals supplement (apparently I was low in other areas as well) and repliva which is a prescription strength iron supp with vit c, and folic acid. I will continue to get my b12 shots as needed and she wants me to start a progesterone cream on cycle days 10-28. I am going to have to make a chart to keep up with it all. But I am willing to do anything to get better. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. It definitely gives me hope.

Off topic question: I have a hard time seeing all of the posts when reading this board. Sometimes they are out of order too. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

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