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Well, I had my last IV iron infusion about 8 weeks ago. I have had problems with my ferritin for about 4 years not. Here are my lastest new labs.
Hgb 15.5(11.7-15.5)
Plt 370
Total iron 151(40-160)
TIBC 364(240-450)
% Sat 35

Hgb 14.7
Hct 42.4
Mcv 99
Mch 34.3
Plt 375
MPV 7.0 L
RDW 12.6

Post IV iron 9/09
Hbg 13.9
Hct 40.6
MCv 100.4
Mch 34.4
Plt 322
Total iron 209H(40-140)
TIBC 283
% Sat 74H&15-50)
Ferritin 224

While I really appreciate that my ferritin if finally above 100, which it has never been after IV infusion, wondering now if there is another problem.

I had thought that my ferritin would have been much lower since after getting the infusion, I was still feeling really tired to the point that I could not do my daily exercise and lots of headaches. All the other times that I have gotten the infusion my Hgb never went down but up and % of Sat never this high.

Is it normal to have such a high ferritin while my hgb is going down? I don't have a follow up approintment until the end of November with my hematologist. He has order a B-12 test plus the usual.

Also my TSH has been going up since last Jan, but doctor does not want to increase my meds at this time.

I would think that I should be feeling great at these level, but not at all.


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