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sorry I did not make myself clear. My fingernails are very pale. The little white moons on the nails are too pale to see. I had a couple of people comment recently on how anemic I looked, which really shocked me. I have always been fair but I guess I must be paler now. I also have dark circles under my eyes. I am not sure what my fingernails are supposed to look like, so I thought I'd ask. Thank you for describing yours. I didn't know a persons' fingernails can indicate certain medical conditions or disorders, if one knows what to look for. Glad to hear you're getting some color back into them, and thanks for replying! :)

Flflowergirl, :)

I am borderline anemic (if you go by the lab numbers) and my ferritin was 6 a few months ago. Everything is as you said, my fingernails almost white, pale skin, bruise easily, etc.etc. The gums are light pink though, not white. I guess that's a good thing.
I've had one surgery and am waiting to be scheduled for the other. I am meeting a new surgeon tomorrow and will make sure to mention the low iron. By the way, I asked my doctor whether or not I should start iron supplements - and he said I could [U]IF[/U] I wanted to. What's that supposed to mean??? Other than having an endoscopy, we have not really looked for the cause of my iron deficiency. I am sure though that the polyps, fibroids and a cyst have all helped deplete the iron stores. I haven't had the colonoscopy yet. Who knows when that's going to year??? I figure if I start the iron supplements now, and there is a (bleeding) problem in the lower part of the digestive tract, an improved lab iron values might mean we'll never look any further. Something serious could get missed and I need to get that checked out. My abdomen is still distended and I have other symptoms. If I start the iron, how long will it take to replenish the iron stores? I will be seeing my nephrologist next month and plan to bring this issue up with him. Thank you for replying.


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