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I just wanted to wade in on the B12 topic. My dad was not feeling quite well for a long while and as i'd learnt a lot through spending time on the anemia and thyroid boards i decided to have my dad fully checked out. A couple of other family members on dad's side have thyroid issues too so i thought his symptoms might be thyroid related.

Typically, his tests came back at very low end of range for some things and high end for others. The lab even put these in bold and use an '*' to alert the doctor. The doctor dismissed him as healthy and that was that. That's when i stepped in and put him on Vitamin D and B12 and also a top up dose of daily iron as his ferretin wasn't too bad.

In 6 - 7 weeks he has changed almost completely. His Vit D and B12 have shot up. He no longer wakes during the night and can't get back to sleep. Instead he might wake, but rolls over and falls asleep again. He's not as moody or deathly tired. He's got more bounce and looks more alert and happy.

To think he didn't want to do the blood tests in the first place saying it was "age related". he thought he had to be this way due to turning 70 in 6 months time. Now he see's the difference :) I'm still mad as hell at that doctor, also the fact the doctor wanted to put him on meds which bi-polar people use as well as those with epileptic seizures. Fortunatly my dad refused to take the meds once he read the information leaflet, which also stated they were used to 'calm psychotic episode'. Fancy that!! all it was was a simply B12 and Vit D deficiency.

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