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Hi there Linda....sorry about the folate,but I'd ask the dr. why they gave it to her before(she must have been low and needing it back then I would presume).

Usually the MCV will be elevated...your mom's is at the high-end...which could mean something.Her ferritin isn't that great either....ferritin is the better test for iron I've heard.At this point it is hard to say that anything is pointing to anything.RainbowsEnd will be sure to have something to add about this.

Those other tests they do for B12 are MMA(methylmalonic acid) which if elevated is a B12 deficiency.Also the Homocysteine test which if elevated points to B12 def. also.You can be elevated in one or the other or both...if those ar normal then there's no B12 def.

Usually the B12 has to be at the lower end to warrant testing for the MMA and homocys.

Did they check her other counts for potassium,magnesium,calcium,protein,etc.?Just wondering....there's so many important blood tests that canbe done...I sure hope the drs. looked at everything to rule out possibilities for anything that would cause your mom to be shaking/trembling so much.

I agree with Bethsheba though that giving your mom extra supplemenys might do some certainly can't hurt.

I am very interested to see if anything shows in her uninalysis...her white count is a little at the high end also,but I'm not familar with her history on her WBC from the past.

Also what meds is she currently taking?Any?None?Also did they do an EEG(brain wave test) for her?Iwould think they would if they did an MRI....that could tell how her brain is functioning.If they haven't did one yet then request that they's an easy test...youjust lie there and close your eyes while they have tiny little electrodes on your head(they attach them with water-soluble glue)then it gives a print out of the brains electrical's painless...easy as a lie detector test...sometimes when there's something going on in the body it will show in the brain wave patterns....good idea to have it checked.

Okay well I know this is frustrating,but just keep advocating for your mom...there's many avenues to investigate...don't give up hope.....have a good night.

[QUOTE=emmaspaws;3767548]Hi Scout and Rainbows End! Well, I have finally laid hands on my mom's labs but before I get to that, I want to say that she is NOT currently getting folate. The folate was given back in December when she was in the hospital...yet they didn't check her B-12 levels. I just wanted to clarify that. Ok, I don't have the urinalysis yet, the lab hasn't gotten those done, but the Serum labs and regular blood work has come back. I wish I could refer back to that original post where you all indicated the lab results that would indicate a b-12 deficiency. Here are the results that I think are important, but let me know if there is more info needed (besides the urinalysis #s).
WBC 7.1 (4.0-10.3)
RBC 4.38 (4.10-5.10)
HCT 42.0 (37.0-46.0)
MCV 95.9 (64-98)
MCH 32.7 (28.0-34.0)
MCHC 34.1 (32.0-35.0)
Platelets 240 (130-400)
TIBC 448 (252-535)
Ferritin, Serum 29.5 (10-291.0)
B-12 535 (211-911)
Folate >11.5 (>5.4)
Hemoglobin, Glycosylated 5.0 (4.5-5.7)

Okay, so that's that...I am needing some help with this. Thanks everyone!


Dear Linda the folate measured in ng/ml we do it differently here so this is hard for me
The MCV is getting up to that upper level a bit to much and the ferritin is to low even though they in the normal parrameters of testing............

Has your mum had the Hcy & uMMA tested do you know.... As I still think the Mcv is in the higher end do you have previuos tests to compare with for this...........MCV is higher in b12 deficiency it means the red blood cells are large and a odd shape.....

I really think those other tests are needed to rule it out for definite allowing you to know for sure if they are fine then you can look at something else......because as far as the docs are concerned she is fine in that area so please persit with it I mean with her symptoms to consider it is neglectful they didnt do them (that is if they havent)..........

The other option is to give the B12 but I dont know how you are going to do that while she is in care......

hang in there and wait for urine tests to come back see what they indicate if anything it is all a step forward little by little....

Best wishes

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