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:angel:Hi Emmaspaws!..That is great news that they're going to check your mom's B12 level:).So glad you're reading up on it too!When I read how they're giving B12 to senior citizens in nursing homes it just seemed logical for your mom to be getting B12 too!Oh I do hope they find her level to be low...that way you'd at least know something was physically wrong and that a lot if not all of the damage can be reversed.Let's Hope!Oh RainbowsEnd will be delighted too to hear this news.Good work Linda!!!!

Oh mygosh...I was thinking too how anti-convulsants And anti-biotics also lower B12 levels.....your poor mom....those drugs probably lowered her B12 levels...

Hey Linda when I was just "borderline deficient I was a mess.I was shaking and cold 24/7.....I felt like I didn't know who I was a living nightmare!That's why RainbowsEnd and I really are adamant about people who have lowB12 symptoms getting it checked out...and checked out the correct way.If your mom's levels are under 400...she needs B12 shots(the normal range in US labs is usually 200-1100)mine was 222 when I had a flood of neurological symptoms....basically I was afraid of my own shadow....seriously!Hopefully if her level is under 400 the drs. will do the other tests that go along with it.;)

Hope you have a good evening....I'll be thinking about your mom and hoping something will show up in her test.

Have a good evening~Scout:angel:
Hello my lovely "Aussie"friend RainbowsEnd!
Yes I am so extremely happy and grateful that Linda's mom will be getting a B12 check!We did it buddy!I feel soooo let's hope that those drs. will follow thru with giving her some much needed B12.Even if she's not low on it she could benefit enormously from it.:)I hope they do the MMA if she shows to be in the so-called normal range but is still low.

I was also delighted to hear that other poster got her B12 checked and was getting a years supply of B12 shots to give herself from the pharmacist(I believe you say "chemist"in Australia!)since her insurance wouldn't pay due to her level was a wee bit over the lowest normal range figure.Nice of her doc to write her out a prescription for the shots.I don't know if I'd be brave enough to give myself the shots!HaHa!;)

Oh that show your daughter loves they don't play it here in the US,but I saw toys they sell for the show on an online store in the sweet and adorable!You guys have the best TV shows for children.We get some "fireman sam" shows here and my grandson Ben loves that one too.Actually I found a new fireman sam dvd at our Target store.

That is interesting about the gluten...I haven't noticed a reaction when I have it,but I have a problem with whole milk...I just use fat free skim or I wheeze(asthma trigger)....same thing from cheese,but I do have a bite of pizza once in a great while....sometimes it's so hard not to have the things we like to eat.....I have to stay away from quite a few foods that trigger migraines for would be so nice to be able to eat like we did when we were little tykes now,wouldn't it?:D

Well I'm off to do some things around my house now...I had a bad headache again,but it's gone now so I have to get busy,busy,busy!

I see my lovely dr. on the 23rd and I hope I get him to order me a ferritin test...I always have low ferritin even though my hemoglobin is really dr. is such a pain in the bum!:D

I hope you are feeling better after your gluten experience(but sometimes we just have to eat what we want don't we?we are toooo funny!

Hope you and your family have a really nice weekend!

Thank you for your post to me & RainbowsEnd(my lovely "Aussie pal"!).It is so nice to meet you also!:)

It's a good feeling when you know you've helped someone!:angel:

There are so many people here with undiagnosed health issues,but at least we can all contribute our knowledge of what we've been thru and maybe just maybe it will help someone.......and when it does it's Great!!!!

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story.My family and I lived in St.Pete.for over 7 years...we came back to IL in 1989.It was so lovely in FL.My mother-in-law still lives out there and she loves it...of course!Wow how time goes by so fast.I worked for awile at Eckerd's drug store back then and I remember the Tyrone Square Mall and used to ride those lovely buses with my kids a lot!It was so nice living out there and we have many fond memories from when we lived there.:)

Your B12 level was kind of good at 800-900...what was the normal range at the labs where you had it tested?I'm just wondering........the lab my dr. uses says norm is 200-1100(such a wide range,isn't that?).Mine right now was 420...which my dr. thinks is pretty good,but it Always drops back down to the 200's if I don't get the shots.:(

I wish more drs. were aware of B12 issues.My hematologist(she's now hoo hoo...she was an awesome dr.!)said a good level should always be above 400.I think the more B12 you have the it is so very important to the central nervous system.That's great that you have your parents taking it too...they say we need more B12 as we get older and I actually read that nursing homes are giving B12 to their residents to prevent B12 that!!!!:angel:

So a lot of vitamins are important for us,but B12 is a really many neurological problems can and do arise when we are just at the lower end of the normal range...I think we should advocate that the labs should change the numbers for what's a "normal range"......maybe then drs. would be able to help more people before they get symptoms and have to suffer!:)

I see my dr. on the 23rd this month...I'm gong to ask him to check my ferritin,because in the past I've always been low(my # was 11...really low if you ask me,but he said I was "in range"...haha the normal was 10-276....:(

Hope you have a lovely sunday....I sure miss the beautiful beach in St. Pete.!:cool:

Take Care~Scout
Hi Emmaspaws!!!:)Wow I can't believe you live where we used to!I think we lived on 17thAve.,N....yes it is a small world!!!!Well I'm glad you seem to be in better spirits is not easy,but we can get thru the rough spots with support & love from others!:angel:

Okay let's see...if I remember correctly the large red cells would show in the MCV(the # will be at the higher end of the normal range).Now if they had checked her "folate" that comes under folic acid and even if that's a good number you can still be B12 deficient.My old hematologist said there's so much folate in all foods now that it actually "masks" the B12...a higher level of folic acid then actually makes it look like you're okay,but when the B12 is low a lot of times the folic acid is high....confusing but true!;)

Well I'm not sure your mom's drs. ordered All the tess that go with the B12 level check.Those are MMA(methylmalonic acid level)which if elevated points to a B12 deficiency(even if B12 is in normal range,but the B12 will probably be at the lower end(under 400 if your labs are about the same as here).:)

Please make sure you find out exactly what her B12 level is(ask for a see what that lab uses as a normal range..this is very important!).If her dr. only ordered the B12 test and she's running low on it,but still in range then Demand the MMA,Homocysteine & Folic Acid tests also.;)

Drs. are a royal pain in the behind...haha,but let's give 'em a chance to see if they can get a clearer picture of what's happening to your mom.Oh I just hope & pray that it's going to be something simple that can be corrected.

I founnd in my experience that even though drs. mean well...they are wrong a Lot of the time.Just goes to show that you have to listen to what your body is telling you.For instance I had a dr. during the roughest part of my B12 deficiency and he said that he "checked everything"and couldn't find a thing wrong with me other than a low white cell count and low platelet count.So then I just went to the hematologist he sent me to a year earlier and I told her my symptoms and she knew right away it was B12!!!!My B12 was 279(normal low end) and my MMA was over 400(more than double the high number allowed!).So there you have let's just hope something shows up in your mom's tests.:angel:

Have A Beautiful Day!

Hi there! Thanks for the speedy reply. I am looking at her labs from December '07 and it says her MCV was 97.8. The ranges were 81.0-99.0 Her platelet counts were 498 on a range from 130-400. That is definitely high. I'm not sure what all of this means. I don't see anything on these labs about folate or folic acid, but I do know that they did give her folate during this hospital visit, but it doesn't indicate why. Anyway, it could be something other than b-12, I just don't know what. Maybe the next doctor to see is a hematologist. Not sure about anything right now. I just know that none of the meds are working. Thanks for your insight! Have a wonderful Sunday!
I just wanted to wade in on the B12 topic. My dad was not feeling quite well for a long while and as i'd learnt a lot through spending time on the anemia and thyroid boards i decided to have my dad fully checked out. A couple of other family members on dad's side have thyroid issues too so i thought his symptoms might be thyroid related.

Typically, his tests came back at very low end of range for some things and high end for others. The lab even put these in bold and use an '*' to alert the doctor. The doctor dismissed him as healthy and that was that. That's when i stepped in and put him on Vitamin D and B12 and also a top up dose of daily iron as his ferretin wasn't too bad.

In 6 - 7 weeks he has changed almost completely. His Vit D and B12 have shot up. He no longer wakes during the night and can't get back to sleep. Instead he might wake, but rolls over and falls asleep again. He's not as moody or deathly tired. He's got more bounce and looks more alert and happy.

To think he didn't want to do the blood tests in the first place saying it was "age related". he thought he had to be this way due to turning 70 in 6 months time. Now he see's the difference :) I'm still mad as hell at that doctor, also the fact the doctor wanted to put him on meds which bi-polar people use as well as those with epileptic seizures. Fortunatly my dad refused to take the meds once he read the information leaflet, which also stated they were used to 'calm psychotic episode'. Fancy that!! all it was was a simply B12 and Vit D deficiency.

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