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Hi helpwanted! You've certainly come to the Right place!Welcome!

Okay...Yes you're B12 level is too low!!!! Next:An MMA(methylmalonic acid test)would be Highly Advisable and a Homocysteine either od these two test levels are elevated then you have an occult(hidden)B12 deficiency.Did you get your folic acid tested also?If not you need that test too.

Stomach issues are very apt to go along with B12 problems...and IBS fits right in there!All the other blood labs(like hemoglobin,hematocrit)can be fine and you still are low on B12.

What is ME?Did you mean MS?

Also do you have a glossy tongue(glossitus)or have trouble swallowing sometimes?

Any pins'n needles feelings in your fingers/toes along with the coldness?

Your symptoms are very consistent with a low B12 level.Also are you around the age for peri-menopause(this can start 10 years before menopause).....and some of your symptoms seem to suggest that.

When your B12 is in the lower range(like yours is)a hematologist would run those tests I mentioned,because it has been knowm that patients under 400(the lab my dr. uses says 200-1100 is the normal range)will have s ome symptoms and patients with a level under 300 will have many symptoms and need to be tested with the MMA,folic acid and homocysteine tests to look for a hidden B12 deficiency.Most MDs won't do it unless you request it,but a blood dr.(hematologist)will always do those tests.

Do not feel like your asking too much from your dr.Your dr. is getting paid to do tests and help you get well!Please get those other tests!!!If they come out fine then I would just go to the health food store(GNC,etc.)and get B12 sub~lingual(methylcobalamin) and start taking that.Don't start it 'til after you get those other tests..or it might mess up the test results.

Please take many of us have been exactly where you are right now,but just remember it's your health and quality of life that's being compromised so don't be afraid to Tell the dr. you want and need those tests.I was at 279 when my dr. found my MMA test was 415(normal range was 90-278),but my homocysteine and folic acid(red folate) were fine.So my B12 level was 279 and yours is 272...pretty close,huh?

I wish you the best and hope you get those tests done!The longer it goes undiagnosed the more symptoms you'll get and worsening of your current don't wait...take care...and please post back!

scout, thankyou very much for your reply! its so good to hear someone agree that there is something wrong with me and its not all in my head!!

by ME i meant ME! other wise known as chronic fatigue syndrome... its what my doctors put it down to as she couldnt find anything out of range in the basic tests to account for my exhaution.

i dont know what you mean by glossy tongue... my tongue is kind of furry and yes i do occasionally have trouble swallowing but not very frequently.
also pins and needles - sometimes yes.

i dont know where you got my age from! but im only 21... could it really be peri-menopause!!?

im going to try my hardest to push for those tests, i think i may need to change doctors as this one is just not doing anything for me... i had to push for the b12 test in the first place becasue she said my b12 would be fine as my FBC was fine and my cells wernt enlarged or something like that! so she'll prbably just say that again.

but nothing else has come up in my tests... other than candida but i think thats a seperate issue.... B12 deficiency is the only thing left that makes sense.. i just want an answer.. my health has been getting worse and worse and im afraid that if it is b12 which has been untreated for so long that it may have casued irreversable damage

again, thanks for your input... now to fight the doctor!

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