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hi everyone
theses 2 b12 threads have been very helpful, a lot of good info shared here.

ive been ill for about 8 years now, the past year ive been going to the doctor to try and find out why ive felt so ill for so long... my symptoms are...

- Always really tired, i wake up after 10 hours sleep and still feel tired, weak and canít walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, no energy or motivation to do anything, constant exhaustion.
- Sensitive to heat- if its a bit cold i feel really cold and my hands and feet go numb and purple, and if itís a bit hot i feel really hot and sweat lots.
- Digestive problems.. really noisy stomach growling all the time, inconsistent stools, bad bloating, horrible stomach pain, craving food and feeling hungry all the time (especially sugar and carbs), donít put on weight no matter how much i eat, get really faint and shakey if i donít eat for a couple of hours or sometimes just at random times, this is only relived by eating.
- Heavy and painful periods (eased a bit with the pill), breakouts of spots on face and scalp, excess hair, greasy skin
- chest pain/tightness
- Feeling thirsty all the time (despite drinking lots of water) and having a dry, mouth/dry sore lips but still needing to pass water quite a lot
- Rashes on upper arms
- poor posture/uncomfortable back
- severe sweating, muscle twitches/pulsations
- alcohol affects me alot... legs go funny after only a few sips of beer or wine
- Brain fog, feeling Ďout of ití, not being able to concentrate, forgetting things, vision going funny - a bit dark/patchy light/blurry - colours go darker
- heavy eyes, feel like theyíre trying to cry sometimes
- off balance/clumsyness - clip door frames a lot - busy places and flourecent lights make me dizzy and spaced
- Chronic post nasal drip (a cause has never been found), pressure in the head, tingling, , stiff neck, uncomfortable back, stiffness in lower back
- Lump in front of my right ear/top of jaw which is sometimes sore and glands under chin/top of neck get tender and sore, also had lumps in nose
- Severe anxiety and depression caused by having all of these problems, get nervous about stupid things/panic attacks , no confidence or self worth, social anxiety, difficulty talking to people, easily embarrassed for no reason/blushing Ė like i cant control myself.

now, my doctors tested me for all the basic things and they were all normal.
so shes diagnosed me with IBS and thinks that all my symtpoms are casued by anxiety, im sorry but this is rubbish. my anxiett didnt start unitll a couple of years after i started getting exhausted and the stomach problems began. theres no way anxiety can casue all of these problems.

she also thinks i may have ME, im wating to see a specialist.
i dont think this is right, im almost certain my problems are casued by b12. i had to make the nurse take a blood smaple for b12, becaseu the doctor said there was no need... my result...272.
now my doctor says this is fine, no treatment needed, its normal becasue the range is 140-900. but from what ive been reading here 272 is not normal and not a healthy level.

do people think that low b12 could be casuing me to feel this exhuasted and ill? i think i may have hidden b12 deficiency.. and want to get other peoples opinions before trying to force my doc to do more test...
Hi helpwanted! You've certainly come to the Right place!Welcome!

Okay...Yes you're B12 level is too low!!!! Next:An MMA(methylmalonic acid test)would be Highly Advisable and a Homocysteine either od these two test levels are elevated then you have an occult(hidden)B12 deficiency.Did you get your folic acid tested also?If not you need that test too.

Stomach issues are very apt to go along with B12 problems...and IBS fits right in there!All the other blood labs(like hemoglobin,hematocrit)can be fine and you still are low on B12.

What is ME?Did you mean MS?

Also do you have a glossy tongue(glossitus)or have trouble swallowing sometimes?

Any pins'n needles feelings in your fingers/toes along with the coldness?

Your symptoms are very consistent with a low B12 level.Also are you around the age for peri-menopause(this can start 10 years before menopause).....and some of your symptoms seem to suggest that.

When your B12 is in the lower range(like yours is)a hematologist would run those tests I mentioned,because it has been knowm that patients under 400(the lab my dr. uses says 200-1100 is the normal range)will have s ome symptoms and patients with a level under 300 will have many symptoms and need to be tested with the MMA,folic acid and homocysteine tests to look for a hidden B12 deficiency.Most MDs won't do it unless you request it,but a blood dr.(hematologist)will always do those tests.

Do not feel like your asking too much from your dr.Your dr. is getting paid to do tests and help you get well!Please get those other tests!!!If they come out fine then I would just go to the health food store(GNC,etc.)and get B12 sub~lingual(methylcobalamin) and start taking that.Don't start it 'til after you get those other tests..or it might mess up the test results.

Please take many of us have been exactly where you are right now,but just remember it's your health and quality of life that's being compromised so don't be afraid to Tell the dr. you want and need those tests.I was at 279 when my dr. found my MMA test was 415(normal range was 90-278),but my homocysteine and folic acid(red folate) were fine.So my B12 level was 279 and yours is 272...pretty close,huh?

I wish you the best and hope you get those tests done!The longer it goes undiagnosed the more symptoms you'll get and worsening of your current don't wait...take care...and please post back!

scout, thankyou very much for your reply! its so good to hear someone agree that there is something wrong with me and its not all in my head!!

by ME i meant ME! other wise known as chronic fatigue syndrome... its what my doctors put it down to as she couldnt find anything out of range in the basic tests to account for my exhaution.

i dont know what you mean by glossy tongue... my tongue is kind of furry and yes i do occasionally have trouble swallowing but not very frequently.
also pins and needles - sometimes yes.

i dont know where you got my age from! but im only 21... could it really be peri-menopause!!?

im going to try my hardest to push for those tests, i think i may need to change doctors as this one is just not doing anything for me... i had to push for the b12 test in the first place becasue she said my b12 would be fine as my FBC was fine and my cells wernt enlarged or something like that! so she'll prbably just say that again.

but nothing else has come up in my tests... other than candida but i think thats a seperate issue.... B12 deficiency is the only thing left that makes sense.. i just want an answer.. my health has been getting worse and worse and im afraid that if it is b12 which has been untreated for so long that it may have casued irreversable damage

again, thanks for your input... now to fight the doctor!
Hello help wanted!

The tongue might feel sore after eatting spicy foods or look redder than usual,but some people will have a very pale tongue,gums and's different for each person.

I would say it's safe to say you are not in're a bit too young for that....I was just wondering that's why I asked you.

Your dr. was talking about you not having large red blood cells...the MCV on the labs..mine were fine too(in the middle of the normal range)so that is a mistake for your dr. to just go on seems most drs. say the same thing....after all hematology is not their specialty.

Low B12 is often mis-diagnosed as a "psychiatric" are not alone many of us have gone through the same thing as you.Is there any chance you can see a hematologist?You need those other tests,but if you can't get them then I would really just go buy the B12(liquid's called sub~lingual B12)and see if you start feeling better..I'm sure you will!

It's a real shame that drs. just dismiss low B12,but you have to take things into your own hands if you can't get the help from your dr.Maybe you could tell your dr. that you have a close relative that has a hidden (occult)B12 deficiency and that they said they had the same symptoms as you and their B12 level was almost the same as yours is now....that might help.Just say they had a high MMA level...sometimes you have to use "psychology"on the drs.(hahaha),but we all do what we need to do when it comes to our health!

I feel so badly for you...I know because I went through the same things you are facing now.So don't give have to be strong and persist 'til you geta dr. to listen to you.

Post anytime...we are all here to help each other.I'm very concerned about you and I do hope you get in to see a hematologist soon or at least get your current dr. to order those other tests.

Please take care

hi guys..
saw the doc today, a different one to normal and guess what... he completly dismissed the B12 issue! surprise surpirse... said 272 was fine and my MVC was well in range so it cant be the problem,i told him id spoken to people with b12 levels higher than mine who have been treated for low b12 or have been found to have a hidden deficiency - he started going on about how theres a whole big industry in america of giving people b12 injections just to make money.
then i tackled candida... and he said not to belive it becasue theyve never actually seen candida in the gut in a colonoscopy or endoscopy.. its only ever in the mouth, vaginal thrush or in the asophugus... so he basically fobbed me off with candida being a fad as well.

i am sick of getitng NOWHERE!
it felt like a councelling session he just keot going on about my past, family events my anger towards my father etc and bascially said nothing about my health... but said a lot about chinese medicine and the conection between emotionl health and the 'chi'. so i think its safe to say he thinks its all in my head to.

i gave him a list of symptoms and it semed like as soon as i looked at them he pretty much decided it was in my head.

feels like im just meant to be ill, ill never be able to have my own life.

he wants me to go back for another 'chat' next week.... in the mean time i was given more anti depressants and sent on my way... horay!
Hi least you can see the neurologist...that's great!Okay tell him you want an MMA test,Homocysteine test and Folic Acid test...if the MMA or Homocysteine are elevated you have a hidden B12 deficiency....the folic acid might be low or high.

Low borderline B12 can cause the nerve problems...tell your neuro that you want him to check for an "occult" B12 deficiency,because you don't want to waste time and lots of money on more expensive MRIs and such if it could be something as simple as needing B12 injections.

Tell him you have "a close relative" who has the same problem with their B12 being low,but not under the normal range who was DX with a hidden B12 deficiency.At this point that's the only way you might get a dr. to do those tests for you...your B12 is too low...not a healthy level....Good back if you like...I'll try to help any way I can...Take Care Shirley~Scout
hi helpwanted!

Your hemoglobin,hematocrit,RBC & WBC can all be in normal range and your MCV(this is te one that shows how big the red blood cells are)can be normal too and you still have an occult(hidden) B12 deficiency.When you're at the low end normal range of B12 then you need to have the MMA,Homocysteine and Folic Acid tests so that the dr. can tell if you have a hidden B12 deficiency.A normal folate will sometimes mask a B12 deficiency.My dr. told me that since there's so much folate in food now they are checking more people with lower end B12 levels for B12 deficiency...that's good news!

hope all goes well for you~Scout

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