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[QUOTE=help wanted :(;3786704]hey all.. still havnt been able to get the tests.. dont think its going to happen. i think i may just have to start taking sublingual b12 and see if theres any difference...
what dose do i need to make a difference? can anyone recomend a type or brand or dosage

After numerous neurological symptoms, my doc only gave me four 1,000 mcg shots over four weeks, then I was to go on SL 1,000. Most of my symptoms had gotten noticably better except foot numbness but my doc wouldn't give me any more shots.

So I did a lot of reading, and when the shots ended I started taking two Jarrow 5,000 methyl subs per day, and have been doing this for about 5 weeks now. I think my feet are slowly getting better.

According to what I read, the methyl B12 tends to be absorbed better than the cyano . . .. type, and you can't really take too much; it apparently is not toxic at any reasonable level. Do a search and you can find these online, and the place I got them from ships the same day. I had mine within a few days.

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