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bethsheba, yeh thanks for that i will keep lymes in mind...
i think theres something more going on too... but the trouble is my doctor thinks nothings going on becssue my labs were normal... she thinks its all down to IBS, anxiety and maybe chronic fatigue syndrome.
now i no from what my stomach does to me that this is much more than IBS...
and none of those conditions acoount for some of my symptoms... im just being ingored by the doctors and its being made out like its all in my head..
thats why i have to explore every avenue that sounds plausable myself...

im pretty covinced that candida is causing my stomach problems, and if i do have hidden b12 defic, then maybe thats contributing to them too... but ive had a candida test done privetly and the results came back with very high levels of candida in my body and my stool ph was too low therefor my body is too acidic... but again the doctors here wont treat candida becasue theres not enough evidence for it.. even my own doctor said, yeh it mite be candida causing some of your problems but i can treat you so go and get tested privatly.

and i just really feel like theres something else going on aswell... i know candida can give you a foggy head etc but with the state of my head and nervous system i think theres somthing more. the reason i suspect b12 is becasue a lot of people have told me thats what it sounds like before, when ive posted asking for adive plus i fit most of the symptoms and my own b12 level is low... so i htink its more than fair to suspect it.

i just dont know what else it could be...
ive eliminated -
ceoliac, lactose intolerance, allergies to mites/animal fur etc, thyroid (basic tests), full blood counts fine, ferretin is fine, h=pylori - negetive, liver functon - fine, glucose - fine, urine sample was clear, had an ultrasound of stomach/liver/pancreas etc and nothing was found, also had some blood tests for inflamation or something like that and that was normal..

as you can see im trying to eliminate everything to try and get to the bottom of this... the only abnormal things have been the b12 and candida.

does anyone have any more suggestions other than lymes of what my problems mite be?

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