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[QUOTE=GreenGal77;3766294]Just a quick recap, last time I got my period the bleeding was very heavy and I ended up in the ER with a hemoglobin of 77, ferritin of 0 and hgl (or whatever it is) less than 5.

They were about to transfuse me but they were out of beds and my period was ending so since I'm "young and otherwise healthy" they sent me home with the instructions to rest tons and eat well.

The problem is, I followed up with my family doctor who admitted and awknowledged that as soon as I got a period again it would likely be a problem. He said I definitely shouldn't go right away because it will take about 12 hours for my hemoglobin to start dropping again (assuming it's come up a bit since I stopped bleeding (about two and a half weeks).

So I guess what I'm wondering is with having been that low, should I just automatically go back after a day or two or only if my symptoms worsen? I'm starting to adapt to my symptoms (heart racing, freezing cold, tired etc) so I'm not even sure I would notice them worsen...[/QUOTE]

Hi Greengal 77

Do you have any other results of bloods like MCV ?
Have you ever had your B12 levels and folate checked

I have to say if you havent ask to get them done specifically

B12 serum
MMA (the uMMA is more sensitive)
The last will be elevated with a deficiency even if serum is in the low normal

High homocysteine(Hyc) levels can account for a racing heart ....
Do you have any numbness or tingling too?

has the docs ever looked into the fact that you have heavy periods that seem to be prolonged..........

Never worrying about returning to the ER if you feel so bad then go

Look forward to hearing from you
Rainbows End:)

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