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I think you should go back to the hospital or your doctor's office immediately because they should have done something to help you the first time. It is not your problem that they did not have a bed. It is their problem. You, as a patient, have a right to appropriate care and here they were rationing care, inappropriately.

I swear, the Canadian health care system is going to pot. My uncle had a heart attack last year, in Ottawa. They did not have a bed for him either. They sent him home with some medicine and told him that he would be placed on a waiting list for the cath lab or open heart surgery within the next year. He dropped dead the next morning, at the age of 56.

Here in the US, they would have transfused you immediately with 2 units of blood. You then, most likely, still would have needed to have IV iron after that to build up your iron stores. This is exactly what happened to me.

What did they do to boost your iron stores since your last blood work? Was their only advice to eat healthy foods and rest? What a farce. Were you prescribed iron and folate? Did they order IV iron for you in an infusion center or a doctor's office? IV iron does not need to be given in a hospital Did they at least give you an iron injection? (Canada still does iron injections). What is your doctor's plan?

Your ferritin is 0 so even if your body is making bunches of red blood cells, these cells contain no iron. You have no iron to give. It takes large amounts of iron to rebuild stores and it generally takes 3-6 months to see even small changes in ferritin. The initial iron that is absorbed gets used to make new red blood cells and it is not available to be turned into stored ferritin. Our body needs to correct the anemia before it can start saving up iron for a rainy day.

My advice to you is to either go straight to the ER or to your MD's office and don't leave until you get the treatment that you need. If worse comes to worse, call 911 and tell them you passed out. Coming in by ambulance usually fast tracks you to a bed but that is not always the case, in Canada, any longer . It is worth a try though. You let them know that you can not function, period and you need blood now.

Good luck and I hope that you really get the care that you need.

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