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Hi ladies, well i'm the 3rd 'old time' poster who has had a set back so i guess we now have our trifecta :)

I just began a new thread on my new results and the only known cause which lead to my ferretin bombing. My ferretin had reach a high of 78 and by my next blood test (approx 6 -7 wks) it bombed to 50. I was taking Ferro-Grad C which is a slow release supplement with 325mg ferrous sulphate which is equivalent to 105mg elemental iron and 500mg Vit C. I don't get any stomach upsets from this and no constipation, but a girl at my work was on this for a short time and suffered constipation. I wonder why she did, but i don't??? Unless it was her diet? My diet tends to have a lot of vegetables and salad type things in it and maybe that prevents the constipation? I was doing nicely on the Ferro-Grad C so stayed on it.

I used to take Iron Phosphate along with my previous iron supplement which i was on as it gave me IBS and the Iron Phosphate prevented the IBS. It was the Trichologist who i was seeing who gave me the Iron Phosphate and he said it's ok to take on it's own as it doesn't upset the stomach as it binds to the stomach lining? or some such thing...... gets confusing trying to remember all the information you are given!!

I 100% believe that the stress i went through in buying my own appartment and finally moving in triggered my ferretin to bomb. My current doctor who is treating my thyroid said that stress stops our digestive system working correctly and we then don't get the nutrients we so badly need.

My T3 and T4 have gone backwards too. I was only on half a thyroxine tablet 3 times per week and my T4 was virtually spot on target. My T3 was also point something off target and my doctor was so pleased at my progress. Now it's back to square one and all that hard work and effort down the toilet. Even my TSH, which had dropped nicely to 1.99 has now climbed back to 2.59.

At the moment i feel i'm losing "normal-ish" amounts of hair. But i do believe i've read that hair loss can take up to 3 months to occur after major stress? I was majorly stressed to the point i thought i was going to have a heart attack and was going to bed feeling i had a golf ball lodged in my throat and had to keep reminding myself to take deep breaths.

I agree with you guys, everybody who i have ever come across appears to have ferretin issues along with their thyroid issues, also low Vit D and gluten intolerance issues. Another lady at my work who was seeing a doctor who kept telling her she was fine ended up visiting the Trichologist who i used to see and her gluten levels were virtually off the scale and she is classed as celiac, yet she doesn't appear to suffer any sypmtoms.

I've read that going off all gluten for a period of time can self correct anemia, it can also take some people who suffer from basic hypothyroid to normal thyroid. It appears gluten has a lot to answer for!!

Osteo, apart from the above information i don't know what else to suggest regarding your ferretin, but you definitely need to take something daily. A lot of people think when they get to a higher figure that they can minimise their iron supplements, but they find they end up going backwards.

My current doctor has also found that my estrogen is high and a retest shows it as still being high, despite being on Cortisol for my Adrenals and being on the Thyroid meds. The lad which ran the test believe that exercise and diet and cruciferous vegetables are helpers of lowering my estrogen. Apparently excess estrogen is supposed to be metabolised and excreted by the body. My system is having issues with metabolising the excess estrogen, which can lead to a variety of cancers in some people. He has put me on something called Diindolylmethane (DIM for short). I hope this works as i really don't need breast cancer hanging over my head a long with everything else!! On the other hand, maybe having excess estrogen now, means by the time i go through menopause (i'll be 42 next month) and lose some estrogen, that finally i'll be up to 'normal' estrogen levels and wont suffer some of the menopause side effects. Or is that wishful thinking :)

For the record, my treating doctor is male, he has most of the things which i suffer from too, including the higher estrogen. In males, elevated estrogen can lead to prostate issues apparently.

I agree with your comment on the juggling act. I'm on too many things at the moment and it truly gets tiring of living your life around supplements and medication. Best of luck with raising your ferretin again. Keep us posted on how things go. :)

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