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osteo--Welcome back to you too! This is way too funny, both of you at the same time. Well, I don't know what to say to you girls? You both need to have more iron intake and watch your labs. I have cut back from 300mgs of elemental iron to 150 daily and I hope I am passed 41 ferritin by now. I would love to go back to the higher dose and build my stores faster, but I think that I would begin to overload. That Ferris Sulfate is what sent me to the hospital. You have to be really careful with the GI tract and long term use of FS. The type of iron that I take is meant for long term use and not so dangerous as other irons can be. In the beginning when I had an 8.5 Hgb I took FS 3X daily and went to a 12.9 in 2 months time. It's absorbency rate is wonderful, if you can stand it. Then I was so ill from the iron I had to stop and heal before I could take the right amount and my blood dropped 2 points for most of the year with a ferritin of 2-9. What a year and glad that's over. I agree save the maintenance dose for later. First build the ferritin numbers, we know how long that can take. I know what you mean about juggling too many balls with a schedule of supplements. I now take my Synthroid in the morning and my iron before dinner and it seems to work out great. I save the PPI for the last thing at night so that I can absorb all that I can get out of my food. With the higher dose iron you don't have to take it several times a day, which is a plus. Maybe this can be an option for you.

Interesting about hair loss. I have had hair loss for years. When I had no iron at all in stores, I shed horribly. When my ferritin got back to 20'ish it began to get much better. I don't think too much of it. Thank goodness I have thick but fine hair and lots of it so you don't notice anything but the new baby fine hairs. My tsh is always all over the place, guess that is due to the destructive behavior of the AI action. I'm working on getting to a 2 tsh and having a difficult time with med adjustments, but I'll get there.

So, what's up with your thyroid and nodules? I think you were in the middle of a difficult time the last time you were here. I hope you are having a better time with it now. I read alot on the thyroid board, but I am so discouraged most of the time about it I don't even bother to post.

I read so many things that can be related to Hashi's that I have, and then the Endo says no they are not related, and not the cause. hmmmmmmm. I asked the other day why does everyone with Hashi have a low ferritin? His answer was that they ALL don't. I said, well the one's that I talk to do. His answer was so you go on the internet and read. He didn't say why so many thyroid people have a low ferritin. I would love to see a thread that states; Hi, I have Hashi's, but my ferritin is high normal LOL! By the time I left the office he is retesting my Tsh, T-4, CMP, Ferritin and CBC. I hit the jackpot with labs! I'll stop babbling now. Nice to hear from you again. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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