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Hi....your B12 is way toooooo definitely need to have more B12.You can ask your do the MMA test,homocysteine test and folic acid test....they are standard tests when your B12 level is under 400(labs usually say 200-1100 in the US),but I would definitely push for those other tests or at least start taking B12 really need it.Plus you are already anemic so I can't see why your dr. didn't tell you you need B12...probably because if you're "in range" then they think you're okay,but that is Not True.A hematologist would be havng you get a B12 monthly shot 'til your level of B12 gets above 400....

I have low B12 and my dr. gives me a mothly shot...mine was DX as a hidden B12 deficiency when my B12 level was 279 and my MMA was sky-high...when your B12 is that low the other tests will help show your dr. if your deficient.Anyways you still need mor B12...your symptoms are from low B12 and probably from the low ferritin also.

Good luck...hope this helps you.....don't wait too long ,because low B12 can cause neurological damage.Take Care~Scout
Hi...the best place is a health food GNC...I think B12 sub~lingual runs about $ will help with your sore tongue...just takes a while.Would your dr. be willing to write you a script for the shots...another person here did that...she said a years supply(I take it that is for one shot a month)was $30.00 and I don't know if that includes the needles....can you see if your dr. would do that for you?You sure need it...hope it works out for you.Hope you start feeling better soon.Take care~


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