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Hi everyone. I would really appreciate some help understanding my anemia blood test results which I now have a copy of for once.

I have been diagnosed anemic every time I have had a blood test in the past, not sure if I'm anemic now or Iron deficient?

My new Doctor knows it's been going on for a pretty long time so is trying to find the underlying cause of my iron deficiency (blood hormone levels - these came out fine & an ultrasound I have yet to go through). I go to a walk in clinic, I can't find a family doctor & feel very rushed there therefore can't ask all the questions I would like to which is frustrating. Waiting to find out what the cause is but think it may all point to my diet.

I know it is not as bad right now as it has been in the past but I still feel awful, I wish I could get on with the iron tablets but they make me feel ill and I've heard the injections are not much better & the doc doesn't seem keen on it (lots of side effects) which is a shame because I thought I should try this method. I'm 38, am a strict vegetarian but not Vegan (I do eat cheese and milk, no eggs), I try to eat everything else as iron rich as possible.

The flagged part of my results read:

MCH 27.1 - Low (27.5-33.5)
RDW 14.6 - High (11.5-14.5)
Iron 8 - Low (10-33)
Iron Saturation - Low 0.12 (0.20-0.55)

The other results seem to fall within normal range, my Hemoglobin is 120 - (120-150) the lower end of the normal range it seems. I asked for a copy of the results to I could understand them better - is this iron deficiency or a type of Anemia? Thanks in advance!

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