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Actually, you can feel pretty bad at your levels. It would be good to know the ferritin. Optimally, your hemoglobin (or hematocrit--I can't remember which one) should be in the upper 13 range; closer to 14. When mine got to its lowest point, 11.7, I felt like death warmed over. I had tachycardia whenver I tried to do anything, shortness of breath, I had no motivation, I was depressed, and I had fairly severe exercise intolerance. I could only walk briskly for about 15 minutes. Then I would be exhausted for DAYS---I'm not kidding. This was with a count of 11.7. My doctors thought it was depression or cardiact related because my numbers were barely in the anemic range. I then found out my ferritin was at 5. They were a little stunned but still surprised since I wasn't truly anemic.

I have been on iron for two years now and I feel SO much better. My ferritin is at least in the 30s now and my other number is always closer to 14. I have been exercising consistently and am now jogging. Something I couldn't even dream of doing when I was at 11.7. So, don't dismiss your numbers. You really need that ferritin.

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