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You sound exactly as I did when I was going through all this. My job performance was really slacking. It was a good thing that no one much noticed. I was horribly unmotivated. Every task I had to do was overwhelming to me. It took every bit of energy I had to get through my work day and I just collapsed at night. No more shopping on the weekends and a few hours of housework did me in. I was also getting headaches often.

Since I have a sensitive stomach and GERD, (and am sensitive to so many things), I've never done well on the high doses of iron that would have raised my ferritin in a few months. I started out taking SpaTone iron water but it was too hard to get. It was only 5 mg of iron but highly absorbable and you mixed it with juice. That did nothing to raise my ferritin but did get my hemoglobin and hematocrit out of the mild anemia ranges and I felt a bit better. I then carefully added a Flinstone's Chewable vitamin with iron. It contains 18 mg. With that and the 5 mg of Spatone, my ferritin eeked up to a 12. I then started using 2 Flintstones per day (total of 36 mg) and dropped the Spatone. I made it to a ferritin of 20 and sort of stalled for awhile. I then bought some chelated iron at 27 mg from a health food store. It has very little additives in it. It is iron biglysconate which is supposed to be gentle. I take one of those per day, plus my Flinstones which gives me 45 mg per day. Still low dose. Sometimes I take two of the chelated iron a day if I can fit it in. So, this has worked for me but it has been a very SLOW process.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, that is so interesting to hear and I will keep notes on what you used to help with the condition. Sounds like it worked well for you, I have a sensitive stomach as well - most tablets make me feel ill so your info is invaluable. Depending on the results from the additional tests you suggested -if I turn out to be similar to you I will bring this up with my doctor. She has come highly recommended and although it is a walk in with a few doctors I hope that I get to see her. Other doctors from the past have told me each time that my blood is iron deficient so I'll be interested to see what my further tests show. Take care, your time & advice is very appreciated.
Hi, it's been a while since I last wrote. Finally I had another blood test which was far more comprehensive this time (on the good advice of Christine and others) once I could find a good doctor. Apparently my levels have got worse since last time & now I am anemic not iron deficient. I have been so careful with my diet (I'm vegetarian) but to no avail. I also have Planter Fasciitis which has now affected my whole body (pain up my legs and back, lasted a few months now) I've been receiving physio and just not recovering. The physiotherapist says my body is incapable of healing right now due to my anemia & mineral deficiencies. I had a numb hand for over a week - wondering if this is linked to anemia??

My results:

Folate Serum/RBC - 30 nmol/L (5 and up)
Serum Iron - 6 umol/L (10-33) - Lower than last time
Total Iron binding capacity - (50-90) - 66 umol/L
Iron Saturation (.2-.55) 0.09 - Lower than last time
White Blood Cell Count (4-10) - 5.2
Red Blood Cell count (3.8-4.8) - 4.28
Hemoglobin (120-150) - 119 - Lower than last time
Hematocrit (.35-.43) - 0.37 - 0.37
MCV (82-98) - 87fl
MCH (27.5-33.5) - 27.8
MCHC (320-360) - 320 g/L
Red Cell Diameter Width (11.5-14.5) - 14.7 (slightly higher than last time)
Platelet count etc are all similar to last time, my vitamin B12 is 173 (150-650) - normal so that's great.
Serum Ferritin (which I didn't get tested for last time) 7 ug/L (10-160) Low

I've been told to take two iron tablets a day and return in a month for more blood tests (a week and a half to go yet). I'm taking just one Ferrous Gluconate (300 mg) a day as this gives me stomach pain enough!(this is what I used to be on) The Physio has suggested liquid iron which I want to try and I'm thinking of doing the same as Christine who helped me earlier in this thread. I keep hoping my stomach will get used to the iron but so far it isn't! - so will probably take the lesser dose/ and or liquid iron (even though doc suggested against it - because she said it was too low in iron - thing is my body finds it very difficult to deal with!).

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