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Eloise86--I'm glad that you finally found a good doctor, that's always a plus. A couple of things come to my mind. You are mildly anemic and really want your Hgb to be optimal at 14.0, this will also help in the storage of iron. You also want to be on a high dose iron for at least 6 months to raise your ferritin, it may be longer. I was on 300mgs daily for 1 year and now remain on 150 daily. Low dose iron does not really work very well. The longer your numbers are low the more symptoms and ~things~ begin to happen. I would suggest to try different types of iron that are GI friendly verses a low dose (your doctor is correct, especially liquid iron), you may be spinning your wheels. I also have GI troubles and know where you are coming from. I take Poly iron that is well tolerated by many. It is 150 mgs of elemental iron in each dose. My Hematologist said, anything under the lab range for ferritin means that there is no iron left in your stores, next you pull from organ tissue which is not good. So, you see why it is so important to replenish the stores to a normal high range. Your B-12 is also on the lower end of the range and should be at the highest end. Have you found a reason yet for your anemia? Has your new doctor done further testing besides blood labs? You have to find a cause before you can fix the problem. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Eloise86--At the same time it is most important not to make your guts sick inside, iron can be very abrasive. You really need to find an iron supplement that is GI friendly, many scripts are available OTC behind the pharmacy, you have to ask for it. My system got so messed up with ferris sulfate that it gave me enteritis for 3 months and I ended up in the ER. My colon was so inflamed and I had nausea from that for months. You do need high iron, but it needs to be well tolerated by you. If you have a bad reaction discontinue it and try something else.

The form of B-12 should be Methyl -Verses- Cyano in sublingual form, under the tongue, liquid or tabs that dissolve. It is well absorbed. Jarrow is a brand that is recommended or any form of Methyl will do.

Yes, after 26 years without Heme iron I can see how that could happen. I don't eat red meat myself for probably 30 years now. I do on occasion try to eat a little meat, since my ferritin doesn't want to go up. I have to hide it in my food with sauces or sandwiches. There are only a couple that I can even try, I just don't like it. Heme iron is so well absorbed, it's a shame that we need it so much. Your new book sounds like a good one. I guess this is why you are low in B-12 too. Best of luck to you and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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